Friday, May 28, 2010

Martian Marathon 10K

I did it! I was so intimidated to attempt the 10K, but it went great! After running my 5Ks around 30 mins, my goal for the 10K was 1) to run the entire time and 2) finish between 75-90 minutes. It was in Dearborn and was a large loop around the city. It was a gorgeous day and there were lots of runners out that day. There was a marathon, half-marathon, 10K and 5K. The cool part was that we ended the 10K route with the half and full marathoners. When I thought I was getting tired, I just looked at the people running by who were on mile 20+. As soon as I saw mile marker 5, I had a new surge of energy and finished the race in 67:04.4 :) It felt great, I loved the entire thing - it was my favorite race so far!!

I have no pics of any of the races as I run them all by myself :/

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