Wednesday, March 16, 2011

2 easy miles

I'm down to days before my half marathon and I can't wait. It was so gorgeous in Michigan today (55ish) that I rushed home from work to enjoy the daylight. I took my dogs out for a nice and easy 2 miler around the neighborhood and it was amazing how many people were out - kids bike riding and rollerblading, dads washing cars and families going for a walk.

It was nice to be outside and not have to think about bundling up. Today was the first time I've been able to wear by capri pants and not full length running tights this year :) It was also my first evening run since October. It makes me love daily savings time!

So excited for the half this Sunday! I'll be running a couple more times before then, just a few light 20 minutes each time. I just wish I knew what to wear for the race - with the weather change I'm just not sure yet.

My other question is how do I handle the timing before the race? I should arrive at the race no later than 530am (race starts at 730 and there's limited parking), which means leave my house around 445am, get up 4ish. So how do I pack food so that I'm not starving come race time? That's what I'm worried about....

At least the good news is that I'm not currently worried about the actual race distance - after my 12 mile long run a week and a half ago, I feel really prepared for the race :)


  1. Have you thought of renting a room downtown, so that you can cut your drive in half?

    Regarding the food,when I ran the Disney Princess, I got up at 2:45, left the hotel by 3:30, at this point I had eaten half a bagel, and drank half a Gatorade.

    By the time I hit my Corral at 5, I was still munching on half of the other bagel, but had left 1/4 of the Gatorade with my spectators.

    Hope that helps and I can't wait to read your recap!!

    Best of luck!!

  2. see you there on sunday! i too am running the rock cf. i must say that 5:30 arrival might be a bit of overkill. i live an hour away and we're planning on leaving at 5:00.

    i put toast with almond butter and jelly in a sandwich bag to eat along the way or while waiting at large races. last week i did a half that was nearly three hours away. we were crazy and didn't stay the night before because the race didn't start until 10. the only thing i noticed during the actual race was that i could have used a second gu (i normally only use one). you may want to have an extra to take while during the race in case you notice your breakfast wearing off faster than usual.

  3. I don't have any suggestions for you, but just wanted to tell you that you'll do great! Have fun!

  4. Good luck! Sounds like you're doing the smart thing and easing into the race. The 4ish wake-up call and 730 start time could present some problems. Hmmm... if it were me, I'd eat something light, like a banana, on my drive, and then I'd probably eat what I usually eat like an hour before the race, so at 630 I'd have a Clif bar (my normal pre-run -race fare). The thing too I'd have to watch is the water situation, to make sure that I am not running to the porta-potties every few minutes once I get to the start line.... Just drink plenty on Friday and Saturday and take it easy Sunday morning.

    Anyway, take that and toss it out the window if you want! Just my two cents but do with it what you will. You'll do great on race day either way!

  5. No experience yet to offer - I've not had that much of a gap of time. I'd probably eat along the ride in and then keep an extra GU on hand.

    Good luck - can't wait to hear about your race!

  6. I'm with LB, something light and little water. See you there. It's going to be a great race!