Friday, September 9, 2011

Holy Crap I just ran 18 miles!

my first 18 miler is in the books.
left the house at 5:30am.  it was pitch black.
18 miles in just under 4 hours - my time goal.
felt great!
12 of those miles with a friend - AWESOME!
tried new hydration back pack.  worked great when i figured out the mouth piece AT MILE 16.5 - DUH!
didn't rain until mile 17, not too shabby.

now it's time for recovery drink.
ice bath.
hot shower.
compression socks.
get my butt to work.
prep for tailgate.


Favorite day of my life so far :)


  1. seriously thrilled that the rain held off until we were almost home!

    you are such a rockstar and i cant wait to see you finish oct. 17th!!!

  2. Woohoo! Awesome job on the 18!! It's so empowering, isn't it?

  3. That is so frickin awesome!!! Well done!! 18 miles is a grand distance. You should be proud of yourself!!

  4. That is awesome! And on a Friday before work too? Wow - you rock!!

    Have fun tailgating - enjoy it, you deserve it! We'll be tailgating about 60 miles north of you (Go Green!) but may head to AA afterwards for the chaos :)

  5. Congratulations! Isn't it the best feeling? I took a picture of the "proof" on my garmin and it is the background picture on my phone right now. Way to go!

  6. Damn Girl that is fantastic! A long run on Friday.............. OUCH!

  7. Congrats Rose. You are going to ROCK this Detroit Marathon!