Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Mish Mash

Since my brain is mush, here's some things going through my head:
Michigan Football is here!!  Not that I'm a huge football fan - cause I'm not - but my husband and his brothers throw one big tailgate each year and this Saturday's night game against Notre Dame is our big one this year.  We host ~60 friends on the golf course for the best tailgate ever!  Our wedding presents to my brothers-in-law were personalized Michigan jerseys which we rocked out last year.  (Hacker is our last name if you didn't get that by now and we numbered them in birth order - and then married in!)  GO BLUE!
Since the tailgate is on Saturday, I won't be able to do my long run with the group, so I'm rockin' out my 18 miles on Friday around my neighborhood.  The good news is that my friend Rebecca us up for 12 of them with me!  My biggest fear is not having proper hydration, so I went out and purchased a hydration back pack yesterday.  Kinda excited to try it out on Friday!
I just ordered this skirt online from cause I'm in need of an awesome tailgate outfit - can you see a trend on how tailgate takes over our life!  Looking back through old tailgate pics I've found my outfits were boring - except of course for our Hacker jerseys last year!  I hope this skirt arrives in time for Saturday's tailgate.  Oh yeah, I'm excited to run in my new skirt, too.  After tailgate of course.  

I got a whole bunch of tomatoes from my mother in law this morning and man are they delicious!  I've already had two tomato sandwiches today :)  I think I'll make some salads this week.  Or make some tomato juice for bloodies on Saturday morning!

So, can you see how mish-mash my brain is?  I'm all over the place.  With the first day of school tomorrow (and I don't even have my outfit picked out!), my brother-in-law flying in on Thursday, my first 18 miler on Friday, and tailgate Saturday, this is going to be one awesomely amazing and busy week!


  1. I have been LIVING off tomato sandwiches! So so good!

  2. I love tomato sandwiches, too - so good!

  3. I have a hydration backpack. I like mine but not for running - it's great on the trails.