Friday, March 30, 2012

Great Morning!

Some mornings just suck and you don't want to get out of bed.  Others, like today, are just awesome and I'm thankful I have more of these kind than the dreadful ones. 

I met Rebecca for an awesome run this morning.  I jogged the half mile from my house to our meeting place and we took off.  It was kinda brisk this morning and I'm glad I didn't look at the weather, since there is no way I would have gone out in shorts in 34 degrees. 
My first attempt at using the self-timer.  You may be seeing more of these soon :)

Once we got going, I was fine and we enjoyed today's run.  I was so excited to try out my new tall blue socks.  I saw them on Danielle's blog a few weeks ago and HAD TO HAVE THEM.  I emailed her right away about them and in less than an hour, she had responded and I had bought them.  So far, I LOVE them :)  6.5 miles of fun this morning.

See, it's the simply pleasures in life.  A morning run with a friend.  Tall blue socks.  Crisp morning air.  Today's gunna be a great day!  Hope yours is too :)


  1. today really was awesome... thanks for the awesome run!

  2. neon knee high socks are the cat's meow. they totally make you run faster, if for no other reason than it's uncool to be the person walking in neon knee high socks ;)