Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Race Pics are In

The race pics just came in for Rock CF's Rivers Half Marathon.
This finisher one isn't bad.
This is my friend Sam who is in my running group.  I didn't know this until recently, but apparently, he's lost 100+ lbs in the past year and just started running.  He and his wife cheered me in at the end and really helped me pick up the pace, see:
That 5:57 pace was rounding the track at the end of the race :)

Are you ready for the WORST race pic ever?  I'm good at these:
I think it's a combination of going to the bathroom and dying.  Yuck!  Toward the end of the race, I was sick of carrying my sports beans, so I just shoved the m&m tube in my shirt :)  I was too hot at the 8 mile point, so I took of my long sleeve, but I pinned my number to it at the last minute at the start, so I ran with it as an apron for the last 5 miles.  Nice. 

Hope you all have equally mortifying race pics!


  1. Where are the hordes of other runners?????

    1. No kidding. The pack really thinned out (for me) around mile 4. Runners were always in sight, but not really surrounding me. It was weird, but I felt so great that day, I didn't care :)

  2. If that's the worst race pic ever then you are in good shape because that's not a bad picture at all. You're smiling! That's a good start :) I have some pretty gnarly race pics and like you am not afraid to share them.

  3. oh em gee... rose... you are awesome for posting that pic...=)