Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Random Tidbits

1. I had the pleasure of hanging out with this adorable baby yesterday and today.  One of the ladies I work with rescues dogs left and right and this is her newest.  My hubby and I considered adopting him, but I'm just not ready yet after losing one of our dogs just last month.  Maybe in another month or two...

2. The weather is beautiful in SE MI and only looking better for the rest of the week!  I was so excited to wear my running skirt tonight, even though we were doing really tough hill repeats.  We did five and a half miles filled with 10 really steep hill repeats.  It felt like we worked much harder than 5.5 miles sounds.  It was so hot out that by the 5th time up the hill, I was down to skirt and tank top!  Hello spring and summer!  This week looks great:

3. Volunteering on Sunday for a local charity 5K was fun!  Not as I had expected, but fun.  We were manning a corner of the race where the streets were closed off, and we were still responsible for helping the drivers find their way around town.  Being that we closed the streets from 830-11am on a Sunday morning, we had lots of angry church-goers.  I did my best to kill them with kindness :)
4. So I got over my itch for marathon number 2 this spring and will stick to the three half marathons I have planned between now and June.  I'm sure that will be plenty :)  It'll start off with a 10K this Sunday in Plymouth.  I'm really excited to go all out for a 10K - it's been awhile since I've done that.

5.  My hubby's bday is coming up in a couple weeks and I'm so excited to take him to a Detroit Red Wings game!  It's going to be so much fun!! 


  1. What a sweet little puppy. How could you resist that face?? :) The weather here is gorgeous too! Wow, how lucky are we to be having temps in the 80s in March.

  2. i've been loving this weather and that pup is too cute! I'll be there on sunday too. Let's try to meet up again if possible!! If I don't see you before, GOOD LUCK! :)

  3. Okay, the weather is scaring me! I expect to meet up with you on Sunday, by hell or high-water..... Since we were talking weather! HA

  4. I'm not a small dog guy - I like the bigger breeds, but that little fella is pretty sweet! I'm envious that you live in hockey town - we have no hockey here besides minor leagues.

  5. OMG that puppy is so cute. He looks like a toy or a cartoon or something! Good luck at Shamrock & Roll... I'm sure I'll see you there. That hill workout kicked my a** too. Yuck.

  6. Awh what a cute puppy!! Maybe it's fate that brought him to you and your hubby?? I kid... I know I'm not ready to have another cat, and I lost mine over a year ago :(

    The last marathon I did was on a Sunday (in the bible belt doing anything other than church on sunday is unheard of!) so there were tons of people going to church. We even ran past a few churches. My dad, ever the antagonist, would yell out "please pray for me!" and the people just huffed away ;)