Thursday, August 23, 2012


I'm a numbers person, so this is a very exciting day for me:
This is my 200th post!  I'm not a big time blogger, but I enjoy sharing my life with many of you and learning about you along the way.  I've learned so much about running and enjoyed being able to look back on my development as a runner.  I still have to laugh for not considering myself a 'real runner' even after I ran 3 half marathons on my own; I was still too nervous to join a running group :)
Today I'm exactly 20 weeks pregnant and my baby is apparently the size of a banana!  I've had NO typical pregnancy symptoms (ie nausea, back ache, heartburn) and have loved my first pregnancy so far.  My husband complains it's boring, but I argue every time that boring is a good thing :)
I currently have 58 followers and have for awhile now.  58 is my hubby's favorite number - his football number in high school and our anniversary - May 8th, 2010.
6.5 miles is the longest I've run at one time since being pregnant.  And I loved it.  I still have the okay from my OB to run - as long as it isn't too intense and I'm okay with that.  I still love writing down my mileage on my running calendar on the fridge, even if there are week-long gaps from when I had to wait between doctor visits.
70.3 is the distance one of my awesome running buddies (above, in orange) covered this past Sunday.  Four of us made the 2+ hour road trip to cheer her on and it was awesome!  I would highly recommend spectating a triathalon to anyone that hasn't done so yet.  It was my first and definitely not my last.

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  1. You still amaze me with your running! And I guess I won't start following your blog officially so that I don't mess up your number, but just know that I do follow your blog!