Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Spoke a tiny bit too soon

Thanks guys for all the pregnancy love!  We're just so excited and I wanted to be sure I met with everyone I wanted to tell in person before going "live" on the blog. 

As soon as I hit "publish", we had our first set of mini-complications with this pregnancy.  Nothing major and you all don't want me to go into detail, but I spent a lot of Monday at the Women's ER making sure everything is okay.  And it is.  Thank goodness.  Baby's heartbeat is strong and he or she even kicked the ultrasonographer a couple times.  I haven't been able to feel any movement yet, but the ultrasonogrpaher was certainly that's what the loud thud was.

So now I'm off running until my regularly scheduled OB appt next Wednesday.  It's only a week from today, but it seems like forever.  I really shouldn't be mad, since running is NOT more important than this lovely baby growing inside me, but I was just getting back into it from almost a month off and I don't want to stop.

Hopefully the appt next week will clear me again and I'll be back running soon.  Until then, I'll be walking (although clearly you all know that it isn't the same feeling after a good run) and a friend gave me a pregnancy yoga dvd that I'm going to try.

This is just a minor bump in the road.  Up until now, I've felt great!  Everyone keeps asking me how I feel and if I'm nausous and it almost annoys me now since I've been feeling so good :)  But I know that I'm very lucky and I hope this pregnancy continues to be this simple.  A week off from running is a piece of cake.

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  1. Glad to hear things are okay. We had our share of scares. Not fun at all. I bought Lauren a prenatal yoga dvd by Summer Sander's it had sessions for each trimester.