Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Appetite Changes

I've been a ravenous pig lately.  I'm always hungry and rarely satiated for over a couple hours.  I have of course run more weekly miles than ever before in my life and this is the first time I have noticed it affect my appetite.

After Saturday's 20 miler, I must have eaten 5 complete meals.  I was so hungry.  Now, it kinda makes sense that I was so hungry as I had burned close to 3000 calories on that run and needed to refuel, but wow, I could not be stopped.  I am making conscious efforts to refuel myself properly and not with garbage (although I do indulge in Swedish Fish more than anything else). 

Now, last night, I was not hungry at all.  at all.  not even a desire to eat.  I had a handful of pretzels with a glass of milk as I finished my book (Hunger Games, loved it!) and didn't want anything else.  This is rare for me and I rarely miss a meal, but I just wasn't in the mood.

On a normal day, I wake up hungry.  About 2-3 days a week I wake up starving and have to eat even before I take my shower.  This morning, however, I didn't want anything at all.  I had no hunger, no desire to eat even.  I packed some breakfast with my lunch expecting my hunger to come back, but it hasn't yet. 

It's now 1130am and I've only had 2 chocolate chip cookies - I know, great fuel.  And it's not like I craved them and had to have them; I work in a school and they were just there, so I ate a couple cause they were delicious.

Should I be worried?  I don't think so.  I'm not concerned with weight gain or loss right now, I just want to be properly fueled for my upcoming marathon.  I have a delicious sounding fresh salad waiting for me for lunch today and should be hungry by then...

I just don't think I should force-feed myself, but then again what do I know, I've never experienced this before and surely have never trained for a marathon.  Any advice?  Has this ever happened to you?

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I kicked my 20 miler in the balls this morning!

20 miles felt great this morning!
  • Started at 5:30am
  • Ran 6 miles with a friend before the group run
  • Finished 14 with 7 more friends from the group!
  • Completed 20 miles 6 minutes faster than I finished my 18 miles two weekends ago - WHAT?!?!
  • Had the best pb and jelly sandwich EVER right after the run
  • Nice 3 hour nap afterward
  • Best Tubby sub ever!
Now it's date night with my husband - he hasn't had a Saturday off since our wedding last May!

In case I didn't mention it - I'm going to KILL IT at the Detroit full three weeks from tomorrow!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Less than a month...

My first marathon is becoming more and more real!  In 24 days, I'll be toeing the line to my very first marathon!  I can't believe it!   I thought I would have more self-doubt at this point, but I don't... yet.

My first 20 miler is this weekend.  So far, not intimidated by it.  I'm meeting a friend at the ungodly hour of 530am to knock out 6 miles before our class starts.  Then we'll bust out 14 with three other friends.  I'm excited for the fun of the group run - and 2 of us are running the Detroit Full, 2 are running the Detroit Half, so we may run together on race day...

I haven't decided on my race day outfit yet, but I have:
  • my training plan in stone
  • night before food planned (Cottage Inn pizza!)
  • morning of race breakfast planned (crunchy PB toast)
  • mid-run fuel ready to go (Jelly Belly Sport Beans in Cherry)
  • newish shoes broken in (New Balance 758)
  • friends coming in town
So I should be just fine!!  Can't wait!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Do you Visualize?

My first marathon is in 26 days and I'm getting a tiny bit nervous.  Everyone talks about visualizing the race, but I've never done it.  I'm running the Detroit Full and I ran the half last year as my first half.  The first half of the full is the exact course of the half of last year (if that makes sense).   

So I already know what to expect for the first 13 miles, it's the second 13.2 that I'm a bit worried about.  I've studied the map a million times and have an idea of what I'm getting myself into.  Surprisingly, I'm not doubting that I can finish the distance; I just want to be upright and actually running at that point.  

Have you ever visualized a race?  Do you visualize the beginning or the end?  I'm not sure if I should be doing more mentally to get ready. 

I feel very confident in my training and have found the right fueling techniques that work for me, but I'm not sure if there is such a thing as mental prep.  

Any thoughts from you experienced marathoners for a newbie??!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

12 miles and 28 days :)

This morning I ran 12 miles totallybymyself.  It was nice to sleep in a little bit before my long run since the weather has changed enough that I didn't have to worry about the heat.  I headed out just before 10am and hit the road prepared with my hydration back pack and sports beans. 

I started out slowly and honestly, the worst miles of the entire day were the first two.  My feet hurt, I was tired (even after 11 hours of sleep!), and my brain wasn't on board with the run.  But, I had a great route mapped out and was already dressed and out the door, so I couldn't come up with any reason to cut the run short.

Miles 3-7 went by no big deal and after I made the turn around at mile 7, I felt really good.  I knew I only had 5 miles left and was on the way back home, so I was flying.  I took a walk break about every two miles to hydrate and fuel a couple times.  I don't normally take walk breaks, but I figured it would keep me going since I was worried about getting bored on my own.  This was my longest solo run to date and I wasn't 100% how it was going to go. 

The two most annoying things about my run were:
  • My garmin died just after mile 5.  I had an idea it would happen when I turned it on and it said 'low battery'.  Whoops, I don't remember charging it after my 18 miler last week (and two subsequent runs).  I grabbed my old school stopwatch just in case and ran with one watch on each wrist.  Oh well, at least I have my total time.
  • My right contact was fuzzy the entire run!  I was unable to focus completely on anything.  talk about annoying.  If any of you wear contacts, you know what I mean and man, does it suck.  But, I didn't really realize it until mile 2, and I wasn't going to turn back to replace it.  Most annoying thing ever.
Other than that, getting home after 12 solo miles felt amazing.  I was tired, but didn't have any self-doubt about the marathon, which is nice.  Speaking of which, there are only 28 DAYS until my FIRST MARATHON!!

20 miler next weekend, then 12, 8 then race day!  I better find an outfit, I definitely want to personalize my shirt.  But can't decide with what...

What do you think?  Just my name really big so people will cheer for me?  Or something like "It's my first marathon!"  I don't know.  Any great ideas from your first marathon outfit?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

18 Miler and Tailgate Recap

So I've been a bit MIA since my 18 miler on Friday.  I've just been very very busy :)
The 18 miler went FABULOUSLY!!  I left the house in the pitch black of 5:30am and ran a bit over 4 miles  of a new route to Rebecca's house.  Once I met up with her, I turned my brain off and let her take the lead.  The next 6 miles flew by and we kept rolling along.  We took short walk breaks here and there to fuel and hydrate, but overall things felt great!  (I've confirmed that I LOVE Jelly Belly Sport Beans)

Holy Crap - I burned more calories than some people eat in a day!  Not me of course, but someone I'm sure!  Just after mile 11, we headed back around my neighborhood and finished up the run around there.  It had been raining in MI all week so we were thrilled that it didn't rain until mile 17!  At that point, it felt great and I welcomed the cooling effect.

We parted ways for Rebecca to get her 12 in and me to finish my 18 and I finished strong!  I still felt great when I got home and short of a bit of an abrasion on my left shoulder from my (brand new) hydration pack and another abrasion on my left thigh from my IT band support thingy, I felt great!

Saturday was our annual Michigan Football Tailgate and we rocked it out!  We has 75 of our closest friends come party with us on the golf course before our first night game against Notre Dame.  Complete with grills, HD TV, gallons of Bloody Mary mix and pounds of bbq pulled pork, we set the bar really high for next year!
(I'm to the right of #16 in the center in my yellow shirt, with my husband the silly looking one to the right of me with the towel on his shoulder).  I even got to rock out my new running skirt and dri fit Michigan shirt - LOVED them!  The tailgate was the most fun ever and I am actually looking forward to next year. 

I was too lazy/hungover/lazy/fat/bloated to run on Sunday and sleep-deprived on Monday, that I didn't run again until my group on Tuesday night.  BAD IDEA.  Won't do that again.  While I had no pain during the run on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday, my left hamstring was KILLING ME on Tuesday night.  It was so tight, it felt like it was going to burst out in a charlie horse any second.
From the left it's my running buddy Amanda, who is also running the Detroit Full, me and then Liz, who is running the Detroit half.  The other guys are in our group and much faster than we are.

I stretched it out and just kept running.  It felt better at the end, but I did stop in the running store this morning to get a thigh compression sleeve.  Now, I've never bought one of these before and holy crap, I was SWEATING like a pig trying them all on.  Thank goodness I went into the dressing room to do so - the first one was more like a calf sleeve - it didn't even get past my knee.  It took me a good 20 mins to find the right one, but now after wearing it all day, it feels much better.  We'll see how it does in the morning for my 6 miler :) 

After this week passes, I should be more calm at work and get back on a regular running and blogging routine!  Thanks for sticking with me :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Holy Crap I just ran 18 miles!

my first 18 miler is in the books.
left the house at 5:30am.  it was pitch black.
18 miles in just under 4 hours - my time goal.
felt great!
12 of those miles with a friend - AWESOME!
tried new hydration back pack.  worked great when i figured out the mouth piece AT MILE 16.5 - DUH!
didn't rain until mile 17, not too shabby.

now it's time for recovery drink.
ice bath.
hot shower.
compression socks.
get my butt to work.
prep for tailgate.


Favorite day of my life so far :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Monday Mish Mash

Since my brain is mush, here's some things going through my head:
Michigan Football is here!!  Not that I'm a huge football fan - cause I'm not - but my husband and his brothers throw one big tailgate each year and this Saturday's night game against Notre Dame is our big one this year.  We host ~60 friends on the golf course for the best tailgate ever!  Our wedding presents to my brothers-in-law were personalized Michigan jerseys which we rocked out last year.  (Hacker is our last name if you didn't get that by now and we numbered them in birth order - and then married in!)  GO BLUE!
Since the tailgate is on Saturday, I won't be able to do my long run with the group, so I'm rockin' out my 18 miles on Friday around my neighborhood.  The good news is that my friend Rebecca us up for 12 of them with me!  My biggest fear is not having proper hydration, so I went out and purchased a hydration back pack yesterday.  Kinda excited to try it out on Friday!
I just ordered this skirt online from runningskirts.com cause I'm in need of an awesome tailgate outfit - can you see a trend on how tailgate takes over our life!  Looking back through old tailgate pics I've found my outfits were boring - except of course for our Hacker jerseys last year!  I hope this skirt arrives in time for Saturday's tailgate.  Oh yeah, I'm excited to run in my new skirt, too.  After tailgate of course.  

I got a whole bunch of tomatoes from my mother in law this morning and man are they delicious!  I've already had two tomato sandwiches today :)  I think I'll make some salads this week.  Or make some tomato juice for bloodies on Saturday morning!

So, can you see how mish-mash my brain is?  I'm all over the place.  With the first day of school tomorrow (and I don't even have my outfit picked out!), my brother-in-law flying in on Thursday, my first 18 miler on Friday, and tailgate Saturday, this is going to be one awesomely amazing and busy week!

Friday, September 2, 2011

My Great Running Week!

Things have been great since I finished the Crim 10 miler last Saturday.  I ran 7 miles the morning after the race as recommended by my running coach.  I had 16 on the schedule for last Saturday but only ran 10 in the race.  We decided I should run 6-8 miles on Sunday so I headed out first thing in the morning.  

The first 4 miles felt great and then I started getting really bored.  This is when I realized I haven't run more than 4 miles on my own in over 10 weeks.  Every long run has been with a group of friends and the other runs have still been with friends.  I only regularly run my 3 recovery miles on Sunday by myself.  

After 4 miles, I pushed myself through the boredom and heat to 7 miles.  At that point, I was all done.  Mentally I had finished a long time ago, so I was happy with 7.  Physically, I was a full minute per mile slower than I had run the Crim the day before, but I had no pain.  Just a bit tired.  

Tuesday night we met for our group run and I felt like garbage.  The good news is that just about everyone that ran the Crim felt sluggish and we just trucked along slowly.  I'm glad that I didn't feel this bad on Sunday, but that's fine.  We got through a little over 4 miles and called it a day.

I postponed my Thursday miles in order to run my long run of 12 miles this morning.  Three of us from our running group had weekend plans and wouldn't be able to run with the group on Saturday morning, so after Tuesday's run, we decided to meet Friday morning for our long run of 12 miles.

It was way darker than I thought it would be at 6:30 this morning, but we headed out on time.  We did a 2 miler to a park with a water stop then 2 more miles through a really pretty part of Ann Arbor to another park with water :)

At this point, we were all feeling pretty good and did a 4 mile loop around this nature center and back to this water stop.  With 8 miles under our belt, we were feeling pretty good and headed back to the first park and then on to our cars. 

Miles 10.5-12 were pretty much brutal.  It was HOT, we were tired and just ready to be done.  This is the point when we were all so glad we were running together, since on our own we would have stopped for sure.  

I'm just glad that my 12 is over and I get to sleep in this Saturday morning!  I'll run 3 recovery miles tomorrow and my 5 miles from Thursday on Sunday.  It will work perfectly.

Up next... 18 miles this week!  Holy Moly!  It's finally here :)