Thursday, August 23, 2012


I'm a numbers person, so this is a very exciting day for me:
This is my 200th post!  I'm not a big time blogger, but I enjoy sharing my life with many of you and learning about you along the way.  I've learned so much about running and enjoyed being able to look back on my development as a runner.  I still have to laugh for not considering myself a 'real runner' even after I ran 3 half marathons on my own; I was still too nervous to join a running group :)
Today I'm exactly 20 weeks pregnant and my baby is apparently the size of a banana!  I've had NO typical pregnancy symptoms (ie nausea, back ache, heartburn) and have loved my first pregnancy so far.  My husband complains it's boring, but I argue every time that boring is a good thing :)
I currently have 58 followers and have for awhile now.  58 is my hubby's favorite number - his football number in high school and our anniversary - May 8th, 2010.
6.5 miles is the longest I've run at one time since being pregnant.  And I loved it.  I still have the okay from my OB to run - as long as it isn't too intense and I'm okay with that.  I still love writing down my mileage on my running calendar on the fridge, even if there are week-long gaps from when I had to wait between doctor visits.
70.3 is the distance one of my awesome running buddies (above, in orange) covered this past Sunday.  Four of us made the 2+ hour road trip to cheer her on and it was awesome!  I would highly recommend spectating a triathalon to anyone that hasn't done so yet.  It was my first and definitely not my last.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Random Updates

Here's some random stuff going on in my head:
That's a maternity skirt from a long run about 3 weeks ago :)
I got clearance from the OB on Wed to run again :)  Just nothing too intense until my ultrasound in another couple of weeks.  I was so thrilled once I got out of her office!!

However, I still haven't run :(  It's been a busy and stressful week at work and all attempts to meet friends for a run were thwarted.  Not the end of the world - I'll get out there soon.  Just knowing I can brings a huge smile to my face!
This morning, I went to find a pair of workout pants (read: stretchy) and one of my husband's t-shirts to throw on to run a few errands.  I was elated when I found a pair of yoga pants that I had forgotten all about!  I always thought they were so sorority-girl but as soon as I tried them on I loved them!

I bought them 6 weeks ago for a field trip at work to go ice skating and forgot all about them.  I was like a kid on Christmas morning!  Now I don't think I'll wear anything else until the baby's born.

My hubby is all about having a boy - we aren't finding out until the baby is born in January - and keeps bringing home a bunch of boy stuff - football onsies, dinosaur pjs, you name it, he's bought it.  In turn, I found some fun girly stuff  to put on my wish list.

Wouldn't these just be so adorable!

As much as I'd like to think that these extra hormones won't get the best of me, I found myself in tears over Susan Boyle's first audition to Britain's Got Talent.  Don't ask me why I even watched that clip - my husband is a chronic shitty you tube video watcher - and I had never seen it before.  I just lost it.  The crowd was just so mean as she introduced herself and the she totally rocked it.  I was so proud of her and  crying like a baby at how great she was!! 

Maybe these hormones are getting to my head...

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

So Productive

I am so productive when I'm told not to run.  It sucks not running, but I still wake up bright and early at 6am on Saturdays, cause that's just what I do.  So this weekend I made it worth it.  I've been emptying our spare room to turn it into a nursery for two months now, slowly but surely and now it's time to speed it up a bit.  

We've lived in our house for almost 4 years and this spare room/office has become a catch-all for everything.  High School yearbooks?  check.  Drying rack for running clothes?  check.  books from childhood?  check.  Wedding receipts from 2+ years ago?  Got em.  Why?  I don't know.

Now that the room is just about empty, it was time to tear down one entire wall of wallpaper and a  room-full of ugly border.  The border was bordered (yeah, weird word choice) with trim nailed into the wall.  I started with that.  Thought it would be so hard to remove - yeah, it was styrofoam trim.  Who does that?  Needless to say, it came off easily. 
I found an awesome homemade mixture of ammonia, fabric softener and water that helped the paper come off so easily, all in perfect little sheets just about.  Thank you, Pinterest!  It worked way better than any store-bought thing I've tried in the past.  Best $5 I've ever spent.
The border was a little annoying, but made much easier after I woke up my husband and took him to Home Depot to buy this:
So much more helpful than this dinky thing we bought when my nieces and nephew were staying with us and couldn't reach the sink.
Truth be told, I really wanted a Home Depot hot dog with warm melted cheese.  That's why I woke my husband up and then I thought about the platform ladder thing.  And yes, the hot dog was thoroughly heated so I wasn't introducing salmonella or whatever hot dogs carry to my unborn baby. 

After washing down the walls to get the last bits of glue, all I have to do is patch up the holes where the crappy trim ripped the drywall and we'll be ready to paint.  We already have the color at home and ready to go, so I have no excuses :)
I find out tomorrow morning if I can resume running and I of course hope my OB says yes, but my husband hopes for no so I continue to be this productive around the house!  Screw him, we still have five months for the room to get ready!

Wish me luck :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Spoke a tiny bit too soon

Thanks guys for all the pregnancy love!  We're just so excited and I wanted to be sure I met with everyone I wanted to tell in person before going "live" on the blog. 

As soon as I hit "publish", we had our first set of mini-complications with this pregnancy.  Nothing major and you all don't want me to go into detail, but I spent a lot of Monday at the Women's ER making sure everything is okay.  And it is.  Thank goodness.  Baby's heartbeat is strong and he or she even kicked the ultrasonographer a couple times.  I haven't been able to feel any movement yet, but the ultrasonogrpaher was certainly that's what the loud thud was.

So now I'm off running until my regularly scheduled OB appt next Wednesday.  It's only a week from today, but it seems like forever.  I really shouldn't be mad, since running is NOT more important than this lovely baby growing inside me, but I was just getting back into it from almost a month off and I don't want to stop.

Hopefully the appt next week will clear me again and I'll be back running soon.  Until then, I'll be walking (although clearly you all know that it isn't the same feeling after a good run) and a friend gave me a pregnancy yoga dvd that I'm going to try.

This is just a minor bump in the road.  Up until now, I've felt great!  Everyone keeps asking me how I feel and if I'm nausous and it almost annoys me now since I've been feeling so good :)  But I know that I'm very lucky and I hope this pregnancy continues to be this simple.  A week off from running is a piece of cake.