Saturday, July 28, 2012

Great News!

The reason my hip and glute were bothering me is the same as why I haven't been very active on my blog lately:

We're Pregnant!
Yeah, I totally peed on that and then took a picture of it to show everyone :)

We're so excited for our first child!!  We're due January 10th and couldn't be more thrilled!

All the hip/glute pain I had in early June was all due to pregnancy hormones that loosened the tendons/muscles/ligaments in my hip and pelvis to make space for the baby.  My PT and OB seemed to agree that it just happened quicker than normal to me than in most women, causing some discomfort early on.  

Since the end of June I've been pain-free and built my mileage back up slowly but surely.  My long run is up to 6.5 miles and I've been feeling great!

So far, other than the brief hip/glute pain, this pregnancy has been a piece of cake!  No nausea at all.  I was ravenous for a couple months - eating everything in sight - and then really tired for a few weeks.  As of now, I feel great!