Saturday, March 16, 2013

Back to Running :)

Wow!  I've been back to running since I had the baby 8 weeks ago and it is tough!  I feel like I did when I just started running for the first time ever.  I was overweight, led a sedentary lifestyle and never ran in my life.  From there, I walk/ran until I could comfortably run a 5K.  I remember when running 3 miles seemed so unattainable.

Less than two years after I started running, I ran a full marathon.  The beginning of 2012 was my best racing yet - a 5K PR in Feb (Super Bowl in Novi), 10K PR in March (ShamRock N Roll in Plymouth), and 3 half marathon PRs shortly thereafter (Rock CF in Grosse Ile, Martian in Dearborn and Let's Move in Mt. Clemens).  5 races, 5 PRs and I was on my way to train for my second full marathon and hopefully take 30-45 mins off my time.

Then I got pregnant, was diagnosed with placenta previa, and told not to run.  Man, did my free time really open up.  I stopped running mid-July and only just atarted again mid-Feb, just 3 and a half weeks after my daughter was born. 

In a random turn of events, my mom found a like-new treadmill in my grandpa's basement at the same time I was looking to buy one... Three days later a treadmill arrived in my living room.  Thank goodness too, since I was not able to get outside to run as much as I thought I would be able to with a newborn. 
my view from the loud treadmill - sleeping baby girl and tv I can't hear and apparently our closed captioning doesn't work...

For the past two weeks, I've been slowly but surely increasing my mileage, just a quarter mile at a time, but I'm up to running 2.5 miles.  My mother in law came over Thursday and I got outside for a run and it felt great!! 

I just signed up for my first post-baby race - Let's Move 5K in Mt. Clemens.  I was hoping to run this  half marathon for the third year in a row, but I know that's not realistic.  So, I talked my sisters, husband, mom, mother in law and various other family members to doing the 5K, too.  Selfishly, this way I know I'll have someone to push the baby in the stroller (or stay home with her if it's bad weather) so I can run my own race :)

That race is on April 27th, so I have six weeks to comfortably cover 3.1 miles and increase my speed in doing so.  Again, it's just like I'm a beginner again, which isn't all that bad, I just had to get myself in a different mindset.  One thing is for sure: I want to get my fitness back and be a good, active role model for our daughter.

Speaking of which, Lindsay is 8 weeks old and ready for summer:
I HAD to but this bathing suit the other day as it is so cute (and I hate bikinis on babies).  Yes, there's still snow outside, but I couldn't resist. 

Being a mom is great - the absolute best feeling in the world!!!  I go back to work next week (just Thurs & Fri), so we'll see how I do being away from her and keeping up on my running.  Wish me luck!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy V Day and I finally went running!

Happy Valentine's Day from Lindsay!
This was the first time we tried out her new leggings.  The idea is great so she can wear all those cute onesies she's received but not be freezing.  Plus, they should be great for diaper changes.  BUT, this outfit lasted 10 minutes tops before she had a huge poop-splosion all over her onesie, leggings AND Daddy's pants!  I laughed so hard my incision hurt!

Anywho, I've never cared much for V Day, even when my husband and I were dating, it's just such an annoying holiday.  So, unlike many other men out there, he's totally off the hook :) 

I went out yesterday for my first run in 6+ months and it was a success.  My OB cut off my running pretty early and I was pretty sedentary (per her direction) for the remainder of the pregnancy.  Now, just 3.5 weeks out from delivery (a week overdue, induced for 2 days and ultimate c-section), I headed out the door while baby and daddy napped.

I finally got the chance to try out my new bondi band!  I ran an entire mile without stopping and walked another mile for fun.  It felt so great, I went out and did it again today :)  Made it another mile running and then walking more with my doggy.  Other than sore quads, I feel great!  No pain and the runner's high still exists.  Not sure what the plan is from here on out, but I hope it continues to go this smoothly!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

We're parents!

Pat and I welcomed our first child, Lindsay Kate, into the world on January 19th at a whopping 9 lbs 5.5 oz and 21 3/4 inches long (which is funny since my sister's daughter who is 10 weeks old currently weighs 10 lbs and is 22 inches long!)
She is just so much fun and I LOVE being a mom.  Pat's been off for that past three weeks and it has been amazing welcoming her into our family :)
Here's her obligatory Michigan pic - she's a super fan already :)  and that is a 6 month outfit - and not that big...

do you think she looks like a cabbage patch doll?  I've been getting that a lot (along with she looks just like her dad)