Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Motivation Found and the Big Easy!

My motivation has been found!  Between my new garmin, great walks with a running buddy and the kick off to my new running class, you can't find me anywhere but out running!

My Running Fit 501 class met tonight for 'orientation'.  There were quite a few people there - no parking spots and no chairs when I arrived!  Even though the meeting was kinda boring, I'm excited that it's finally here.

I have a training plan all set for my first marathon and am so excited!  With my new garmin on my wrist, I can't wait to get out the door!!

On top of this excitement, my husband and I are heading to New Orleans on Thursday!!  We have a long weekend planned complete with a friend's wedding, visiting our old digs in Baton Rouge, eating all the best foods we've missed for 4 years and catching up with old friends.

My husband lived in BR for 6 years and I for 2, so it'll be fun to get back and reminisce.  I can't wait to go past our first apartment together!!  Oh the memories :)

Plus, we get to finally meet our friends' son and catch up with everyone since we moved back to Michigan in 2007.  This will be our last vacation for this year, so we're not planning on holding back!  Woohoo!!  This is a new concept for me, we'll see how it goes....

We'll celebrate with old friends, have our last hurrah and then when we get home, I'm 100% in training mode for my first marathon - does it get any better than this??!!


  1. Awesome!!! What marathon are you planning on running?

  2. Such an exciting weekend! And then to take the first steps towards a marathon is great and will be an awesome process.

  3. Hi! I just found your blog! i can't wait to see how your first marathon goes and how your training leading up to it is!