Saturday, June 25, 2011

Solstice 10K Quickie

Once I finally got to sleep last night at 2:30am, the alarm went off 3 hours later.  Even so, it was a great race day. 

Official 10K time 1:11:40
I know that's not fast for a lot of you, but it felt great to me.

Grocery shopped all day with Pat (Sam's and Meijer) and couldn't wait to fit everything in my new car!

With no nap, I'm heading to bed for a good night's sleep.  I'll detail the race (and new car) manana!


  1. Great job!! Your time is faster than my 10K! A new car??? Now that's exciting!

  2. Every race can't be a PR, believe me I know that......

  3. Nice job. Keep in mind too that this is a challenging course so you did much better than you think.