Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Quick Updates

My husband and I had the best weekend ever - vacation to Baton Rouge and New Orleans for a friend's wedding.  It could not have been more fun!!

After getting back to our hotel from the wedding/Bourbon Street around 430am, we get up at 730 and made it to the NO airport at 9am.  After several over-booked flights and crazy delays, we were home in Detroit just before midnight.  I hate airports.  I hate them even more hungover and going on 3 hours of sleep :(  But, it was still the best weekend ever!

My car was in the shop while we were out of town.  Diagnosis: dead as a doornail, Smalls.  Rx: borrow mom's car until I can get around to buying our first new car ever next week!  Exciting!!

Three more days of work until I have a week off!!  Then begins 8 weeks of the most intense part of my job: Director of Summer Camp!!  I love it, but it's exhausting.  Can't wait to rest up next week!

Went to my first running class tonight.  I didn't make any friends yet and got a little discouraged with how I felt, but I'm ready and excited to go back for my long run on Saturday.  (Surprisingly, eating fried everything in sight and drinking like you're 21 again for 4 days makes you feel bloated and yucky and isn't condusive for running - shocking!)

Meeting friends for a Tigers game tomorrow night and taking my Mother in Law to go see Carmen on Sunday = fun, fun, fun.

And yes, I'm excited to be starting marathon training for real!

I'll be back soon!!!


  1. have fun at the tigers game and seeing Carmen!

  2. glad you had a blast this weekend!

    i'm sure you'll connect with others soon at the 501 trainings.