Friday, November 4, 2011

I Dig Your Blog

So I've been a bit out of it the past few weeks blog-wise after the marathon.  I'm still running and enjoying it; my mind is just mush. 

Earlier this week I was nominated for a fun award from Danielle of Long May You Run.  Now is an awesome time to check her blog out as she's just about to run her first marathon!!

So I'm going to share 3 random things about me and then instead of tagging 5 people to do it, I'll highlight some of my favorite blogs to keep up with.  Enjoy!!

1) I love to bake.  It's one of my favorite things to do!  I bake for my staff about twice a week - which is a great way for me not to consume everything I make!  Chocolate chip cookies are a staple as I've finally found the perfect recipe.  I made a huge batch tonight and put it in the fridge til Sunday night (cookies are always better if the dough is refrigerated for a day or two). 
Look how big this tupperware of dough is!  I had to hide it in the basement fridge as my husband is a cookie dough monster. 

Cake Balls are another fan favorite!  Even though they're a pain in the butt to make, they are always loved everywhere I take them!
Double chocolate brownies are my newest favorite to make and I've been perfecting a recipe for a few months.  My staff all say they're delicious, but as broke college kids, I'm sure they love everything!

2) I am a licensed EMT, worked in the ER for two years in Louisiana, and am currently certified by the American Red Cross to teach CPR and First Aid.  I've always been interested in the medical field and while I don't regret my choices in life, if I had to do it over again, I'd go into nursing right out of high school.  I sometimes miss the adrenaline of working in the ER, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job, so it has all worked out :)

Now this one will either make you love me or hate me:

3) I have been listening to Christmas music since the week before Halloween.  I LOVE Christmas music :)  Now I'm not a crazy Christmas person in general - I don't do all my shopping in advance, I don't go all out on decorating the house, I just love Christmas music.  
John Denver and The Muppets is the BEST CD EVER!!  I seriously keep it in my laptop at work all year around, just in case :)  You never know when you may need it.  My IT guy has come across it a few times when fixing my laptop and has found it hilarious!

I also make my husband listen to this cd on repeat as we put up the tree every year.  Good thing we don't have that many ornaments! 

So if you're in the Detroit area, check out 105.1 or "Christmas 105.1" as they like to call it!

Instead of tagging 5 people with this award, I'm going send a few shout outs to some of my favorite blogs to keep up with regularly.  Check them out if you haven't already:

1) L.B. at Muddy Runner is such an inspiration to me.  He logs incredibly long stretches of running every day and has hit a 50 mile week recently.  He's just been chosen to be a San Francisco Marathon Ambassador which is really awesome!  Check him out.

2) Jeff at Detroit Runner was the first blog I have ever read and continue to do so daily.  By learning about his weight-loss journey through running, I gained the confidence to run and blog about it!  I was so nervous at first and slowly opened up by following his lead.  I've also had the pleasure of meeting him in real life (twice) and he's awesome!  He ran his first marathon this spring and then his second in Detroit (my first).  

3) Michael from Slowly Tri-ing is a lot of fun!  She participates in triathalons and is hilarious!  I love pics of her dog Jack and her husband is really funny on his blog, too.  Check her out and you certainly won't be disappointed. 

What is one random fact about you?


  1. Love the John Denver & Muppets Christmas music. I think I wore a cassette tape out as a kid.

  2. Hey, thanks for the shout out! I appreicate it! I love the Muppets, but not sure sure about Muppet Christmas music :)