Monday, June 14, 2010

America's Rockin' Roller Coast!

Pat and I had a little lazy Sunday planned, including finishing up our registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond. However, after looking at the weather and being so excited to actually have a day off together, we hit the road to Sandusky for our first trip to Cedar Point of the year.

The most exciting news is that we are now proud season pass holders! We can go whenever we want now!! And, it's only two hours from our house :) We had so much fun and there were no lines! We were able to ride the Millenium Force 4 times in under an hour!! Best trip ever!

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  1. Rose! Ya'll both look so great! I wish that we could come up there for the half marathon with you. Nathan could run it and I could cheer ya'll both on! I can't wait to see some wedding and honeymoon pics. So glad you have a blog to keep me updated!