Tuesday, August 10, 2010

8 Miles!

8 miles is so far my longest run and I've done it twice! The first time it felt absolutely great and I didn't really believe I had accomplished that all by myself. It took until the second time of doing it to make it real for me. It's been pretty exciting going through this training plan entirely on my own and has definitely been very rewarding. After my second 8 miler, I now think I actually feel like a runner! It's been a long time in coming, but it feels great. I'm still too nervous to join any sort of running group or club, but maybe after I finish the half-marathon I'll feel 'elite' enough to do so.

I'm already thinking of running a marathon next year :) It's crazy, especially since I'm only up to 8 miles and have to get through the 13.1 of the half marathon first, but I think that's the next logical step. Pat actually got me interested in triathalons, but that might be for the year after the marathon, considering I don't swim or currently own a bike :)

Either way, I'm excited to get to mile 8 for my long run and see where we go from here! Now I'm just bummed that it's so hot out and I have to wait until almost 8pm to go out and run. I'm looking forward to cool fall nights in Michigan (before it gets too dark).

I'm registered for a 10 miler in Flint on August 28th and I'm looking forward to that. I figure if I can get through 10 miles, it's just a simple 5K after that!

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