Friday, February 11, 2011

More than half way there!

Six weeks down on the training plan and they've gone really well. Now, it's only five weeks left until the Grosse Ile Half Marathon - which I'm definitely doing. How could I have doubted that? Anyway, I'm excited for it.

I finally gave in and bought a gym membership for the rest of February and March earlier this week. With the huge snow storm and consecutive below zero days, I just couldn't run outside anymore. Most people stopped shoveling their sidewalks and the ice was getting more difficult to navigate. Running in the street worked just fine in the summer, but with the huge snow piles on the side of the road cutting into the already narrow shoulder, it just stopped being safe.

I did my first long run at the gym - 7 miles. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. There was plenty of junk on the tv and lots of fun people to watch at the gym. I made the mistake of going at 7pm when there were so many people there that I got the last treadmill (with the broken earphone thing for the tv sound). Since then, I've been going after 9pm and that works out great. There's never more than 5 people there at that time.

I got new running shoes tonight and was so excited to try them out for tonight's 4 miler, but they're going back first thing in the morning. The arch is too high and there's a 'bump' under my middle three toes. They caused my heels to hurt and for me to just run weird. I'll take them back and find a perfect pair tomorrow. Good thing I tried them on the treadmill and not outside :)

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