Saturday, May 7, 2011

I'm back at it and feeling great!

Dear Blogland,

You are all FANTASTIC and just what I needed to get out of my funk after last week's half marathon that didn't go as planned.  With all of your amazing support, I'm over it, learned from it, and am ready to rock and roll!

Thanks for being you: for getting me out there at the beginning and going through these new experiences with me and helping me through.  You're the best!

Con mucho amor,

I feel great!  I can't believe I sulked that hard after last week's race, but I'm over it and feel myself again.  I had heard about bad training runs, but never bad races and now that I've had one, I'm thrilled it's over and ready to move on.

Thanks for all of your support, but a special thanks to a few:

LB thanks for helping me realize that support isn't all it's cracked up to be.  I thought about your old post on support a lot over the past few days.  Thanks also for helping me realize that this race has nothing to do with my future (first) marathon; that part was crucial for me. 

Neil really helped me think about why I first started running and yes, it was 100% just for me and I'm already back in that mind set.  I love to run, I look forward to running and I feel great afterward.  It's totally selfish and I'm completely okay with that.

Rebecca was amazing in that she's been there and was able to talk me through the strange feelings I had about everything.  AND got me back out there yesterday and confirmed that I do love to run :)  

Can't wait for our weekly runs together - it makes the world of difference!

And Jeff your words hit home hard and were just what I needed to hear.  Yes, I am a runner and as great as it feels to have you tell me this, it feels better coming out of my mouth naturally :)  You were a big part of me getting out there and being proud of my running at the beginning  - your blog was the first I had ever read and really motivated and validated me in my running.  So thanks for the support!!

Everyone has been so fabulous and I'm so thankful that I randomly stumbled into the running blog world just a few months ago.

I'm actually heading out the door soon for a fun 5K!  I'm so excited to get back out there and ready to tell the world I'm a RUNNER!!


  1. You're welcome. Pay it forward! Or come and kick my butt once in a while...

  2. That's awesome Rose. Keep up the great work! I knew you would bounce back quickly and glad your back!