Sunday, December 9, 2012

I'm alive and first time Daddy gifts

It's been a while since I've updated and frankly, not much to report.  Still not running; now 35 weeks pregnant and quickly coming up on our Jan 10th due date :)

For our family baby shower, I wanted to do something special for my husband since first-time dads often get shafted.  So I googled a bunch of stuff and tried to come up with some fun present ideas.  There wasn't much out there at all.

So here is what I can up with to give him at the end of the shower when he arrived to help pack up the gifts:
one heavy gift bag filled with goodies just for soon-to-be daddy
 a fun toy that Pat has been eyeing at the store since we found out we were pregnant
 some of his favorite snacks
 warm, fleece lounge pants that I steal from him :)
 Lions onesies - his favorite team

 Books specific to Daddys - surprisingly hard to find

 "For Baby's many messes - these may come in handy" - wipes, boogie wipes and boudreaux's butt paste
 gender neutral outfit that says "Daddy Loves Me" - another super hard item to find.  lots of 'mommy' things, not many 'daddy' things in general, especially gender neutral since we don't know what we're having
 Baby's first toy
 Binkies in the shape of footballs and some that say "I Love Daddy"  
I wouldn't have purchased binky holder clips except these said "I Love Daddy" so I couldn't resist    
Mountain Dew - his favorite pop!

He loved it!  It was a lot of fun to see him open each item and read the fun tag that went along with it.  After trying to put this gift together, I realize how few "Daddy" items are available.  Of course, there is "Mommy" stuff everywhere, but not much in terms of daddy things.  Weird.  

So here we are, just 4.5 weeks from the due date and I'm still feeling great.  Even have a come-back marathon in mind: Charlevoix June 2013.  Anyone in?


  1. There are a variety of tshirts. Here's one:

  2. That was very nice, but dads don't really need too much. We don't have to deal with all those physical changes and hormones. (Well, I guess we do deal with the fallout from the hormones) :)

    I'm sure the gifts were appreciated and will be put to good use!

  3. Thanks Ty - Pat may find one of those under the tree this year :) and protometal - I agree. he could have lived without all the stuff, I just wanted him to be included. stupid hormones. and yes, he gets the wrath of the hormones, that's for sure!!

  4. The Charlevoix marathon looks awesome. I've been thinking about the full. My cottage is about 45 minutes-hour away.

  5. oops. I mean I've been thinking about the HALF, NOT the full.