Friday, May 27, 2011

Clearing out the Cobwebs!

Finally, after making the mental choice to get back into an active lifestyle on Monday, Wednesday night I knocked out my first run in awhile.  It was kinda random how it came about - I typically schedule all my runs, along with everything else in my life, then know they're coming and look forward to them.  This run, however, seemed to come out of nowhere. 

Wednesday night, I went to an evening meeting for Girls on the Run - an amazing running/self-esteem program for 3-5th grade girls.  I'm going into the second year of bringing this program to my school and I LOVE it!  It's just an amazing thing for me to see girls I know well completely transformed over 10 weeks.  And, I get to support them as I run the season-ending 5K with them!  This is really fun since most of them (and their parents) have no idea I'm a runner and it is a fun point of conversation from then on :)

Anywho, I got home and my husband was out with friends, and I was so pumped up after the meeting that I figured, why not go for a run?  It was late, but not dark yet and it had finally stopped raining for a short time.  Even as I ran upstairs to get changed to get out there and I found a huge pile of dog crap in the hallway, I wasn't discouraged.  

**I should note that one of my dogs is deathly afraid of thunderstorms.  Like shake like a baby the entire time it storms.  It had been storming all day and he was doing okay with my husband home with him.  There was about a 20 min overlap from my husband leaving and me getting home that Dexter just couldn't handle.  He's not a bad dog, just a big scaredy cat.  So he poops in the house.  Fun.**

So, cleaned up that mess and got out there.  It was quite possibly the best run of my life.  Just to get out there on my own accord, wanting it so bad, not knowing where or how far I would go, totally set me free.  I'm completely type A and plan everything so to do this so sporadically was exhilarating (sure sounds like I need more excitement in my life, right?!)

I hadn't run in a couple weeks, so getting out there was nice.  I thought I'd be sore and awkward - can one forget how to run??!!  Yes, I thought this might happen.  But, it was a great run and I loved every second of it.  Now, it was only 3 miles, but I was humbled because I remember when 3 miles was so far out of the realm of my capabilities that it was what I had worked for for months. 

I'm looking forward to more great runs, more scheduled runs, and feeling myself again :)

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