Monday, October 3, 2011

Up North Running

This is what I was lucky enough to run through this weekend:
Eight ladies from work went up north Michigan to relax at a cabin and kayak.  We had so much fun!!
This is what I saw as I ran my recovery run on Sunday morning while everyone was still sleeping :)  It was beautiful!  I even saw two deer only 15 feet from me, but I was too nervous to move to get my camera ready, so I just stared at them.  They were gorgeous.

So, my first marathon is less than two weeks away!  I'm getting really excited!  My race outfit is almost ready.  I'm for sure on my blue running skirt.   And definitely compression socks, most likely these lime green ones that took me through my awesome 20 miler: 
I'm going with my favorite tank in white (which I just found a brand new one at TJ Maxx today for $16.99, score!) under a personalized long sleeve white shirt from  So far, I love the website but I can't decide on what I want!  I know I want my name on the front, but I'm not sure on the back.  So far, I have something like "They say you never forget your first!"  and then "26.2 Detroit 2011"  

I'm welcoming any suggestions as I can't make up my mind and really ought to order my shirt this week.  


  1. i really like, "they say you never forget your first" ! I'm so excited for you. I hope I get to see you down there in the madness

  2. Those pics are beautiful! Good luck, it's getting so close!!

  3. Love the lime green socks! I'm sure you'll look great, and I can't wait to read about it :)

    Have you worn white during a run before? Just asking because of something horribly embarrassing that happened to me. I wore a white sports bra and a white shirt over it for a long run. I stopped to talk to my neighbor, and then when I got home, I noticed that I was so sweaty that you could completely see through my shirt and the bra--it honestly looked like I was in a wet t-shirt contest or something! Haha, just something to consider ;)

  4. Gorgeous run! I'd love to do some up north running soon. It's so pretty there right now!

    Love the "never forget your first" idea for the shirt!

  5. It's going to be a great day! Better get that shirt ordered fast! I love the one I got from them!