Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2012 Running Plans

Since we're such a fun group of ladies, my running friends all decided to get together for dinner last night to discuss our 2012 race schedule.  We've been running together since June and while we've all been training, they've mostly been for different races.  We were really excited to plan some races for us all to do together :)

While we didn't actually register for anything last night, here's our 2012 basic structure - the big ones:

Jan 14th Nike + Women's Half Marathon - it's a virtual race that raised money for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  It'll give us a goal through the winter blahs.

March 11th Shamrocks & Shenanigans - a shitty, two-loop, hilly 5K in Ann Arbor that means a lot to each of us personally.  (Patti's first race ever, Amanda's talked her hubby into running it as his first race this year and I was able to talk my entire family to run/walk it last year)  I wouldn't really recommend it, but we're doing it :)

June 3rd Dexter/Ann Arbor Half Marathon - it's a gorgeous course starting in Dexter and ending in AA along Huron River Drive.  I've never run it before (cause I thought it would be TOO HOT, but I'll live).  A lot of runners in our 501 Club train for this event, so it should be a lot of fun with a lot of support.  Their website doesn't have any info up for 2012 yet; apparently they don't plan as far in advance as we do :)

October 29th MARINE CORPS MARATHON!!  Yes, three of the girls who have just finished their first or second half marathon (and one whobwill finish her first half ironman in August 2012) are 99% committed to doing their first marathon!  I'm so excited for them and to run this race.  Now for this to occur, we need two things to happen:

1) All the marathon virgins to mentally commit - they have until March 7th
2) All of us actually get to register THE DAY registration opens.  I heard it sold out in 26 hours this year and it would suck for us to mentally commit and then some of us not get in. 

Of course, we'll throw some other races in there sporadically to keep things exciting, but it's fun to have a structure in place.  The Crim will be on there as well as Rock Cystic Fibrosis Half for sure on my schedule.  

I'm just so excited to get this show on the road and get back into a training plan!!

Any fun races you think we must do in the MI/OH area??


  1. okay rose, this is awesome as me and the other megan were talking about doing marine corps too!! I agree with your comment the other day, we need to talk races ahead of time. you should get twitter, so I can tweet you and ask if you're doing races :)

  2. Ha, great description of the March 11th race! That's the classic undersell. Good luck!

  3. oh man, the MCM would be awesome!!! That's a definite one to do, even if you have to go alone =)

    I've heard the Flying Pig marathon/half in Cincinnati is pretty fun.

  4. Oh, and I agree with Megan. You need to get Twitter!!!!

  5. What winter blahs??????? Ha, it won't be too HOT!

  6. MCM would be awesome! I'll be at Dexter to AA.

  7. You're so lucky to have a great group to run with. And your plans for next year sound great! Also congrats on finishing your first marathon! That's a great accomplishment!