Sunday, November 20, 2011

GOTR 5K and DOGS 5K :)

I got the chance to rock out the Girls on the Run 5K this morning with 10 girls from my school.  One of the coaches wasn't able to be there, so I stepped right in as an assistant - I'm not one to just stand around anyway :)  It was awesome getting the girls all ready for the race - the energy was amazing!!  
The 5K started on time and went really well - they updated the course to alleviate the bottle necking and it went really smoothly.  I stuck with a couple of girls in the beginning and as soon as they felt strong I sent them off and hung back with one of our girls that wasn't quite feeling it this morning.  We ran and then walked and ran and then walked and walked some more...  I left it up to her to set the pace.  When we finished the 3.1 miles 45 minutes later, the huge smile on her face let me know that she enjoyed herself!!  

It was awesome running with the team, chatting with all the girls and their parents and then hanging out after the race.  This is something I've done each fall and spring for two years now and I REALLY enjoy it!!

Not to mention my favorite local running friend Rebecca is on the 5K planning committee - she totally rocked out her area today!  The volunteers really made this race awesome for all the girls.  I believe they had over 700+ 3rd-5th grade girls participating, PLUS all their support people :)


Even though I did a 5K this morning, it was all for the girls and I wasn't really feeling the burn.  I wasn't quite content changing out of my running clothes once I got home.  So, I grabbed my dogs and headed out the door.  I was planning on running our own little doggy 5K, but my below fat and lazy dog proved to be unfit for such a distance.
Every time we start out, they are so fast the first half mile, make it through mile 1.5 no problem and then fatso Jake starts slowing down.  As much as I wanted to push them through to get to the 5K for my own personal benefit, I knew it wasn't worth it.  So after a little over 2 miles, we walked.

Jake's had some health issues in the past week or so and has been on steroids and taking it easy, so I didn't want to push him.  It was nice to just be outside in this gorgeous day!  We finished out 2.75 miles by the time we got back home and they were both pooped.  Dex spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the couch, now that we finally let him up on it :)
Grand total of 5.85 miles for the day, which I'll put on my running log, but it sure wasn't anything like my 8 miler yesterday with the 501 girls.  It took me to today to realize sometimes it's just not all about me :)


  1. I am doing a GOTR 5K in 2 weeks. I can't wait! I am volunteering to hopefully be a coach next semester.

  2. Great job on the runs! I need to get involved with GOTR, what a great group.

  3. I'm such a big fan of GOTR. I want to start a chapter in my town as soon as I've lost enough weight to start running again. I think it's SUCH a great idea and SO many girls are finding strength from it.

  4. Megan, Marigold and Fluffynurse - GOTR is amazing and I hope you each find a time to volunteer. Coaching is a big commitment, but SO WORTH IT!! I'm so glad it's grown all over the place :)