Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Super Bowl 5K PR Race Recap

So this past Sunday was the Super Bowl 5K and it was awesome!  A lot of the 501ers were there, including our coach who took lots of pics.  Hopefully she'll get those posted soon so I can share them.

The run was in Novi and since I hadn't been there before, I arrived really early and picked up my packet in the vacant storefront they rented.  It worked out really well and I ran right into a fellow 501er.  There were also plenty of Northville/Novi 501ers there as well, some of whom I met at the Big House Big Heart and then saw again in Detroit, so it was fun to catch up with everyone. 
I hadn't run a 5K since August (which I PR'd in 29:45) and I was really ready to get out there and kill it. I had planned on warming up a little bit jogging around the parking lot, but got to chatting with all the 501ers and all of a sudden it was time to line up.  Oh, well. 

There were quite a few people lining up - almost 2000 - and no real corrals, just a mess of people.  We ended up about half way in the line and ended up being behind a woman with crutches.  hmmm...

I knew it would be tough to bob and weave at the beginning and I know better than to go out too fast, but as soon as I crossed the timing mat, I was off.  I just felt so good!  We had a little 1/4 mile loop and then an out and back for the remainder of the course.  In the loop, I glanced at my garmin once and saw 8:xx.  I knew that was TOO fast for me, but I felt good and kept going. 

For the first time in a race setting, I really enjoyed the out and back part.  I watched the lead runner fly by and then looked out for other 501ers.  I cheered for everyone I saw and it was so much fun.  I saw another 8:xx and decided I shouldn't stop looking at my garmin.  I still felt great and out of no where, we were at the turnaround.  

I was then able to cheer for other 501ers behind me and before long I realized that it was almost time to finish.  There were a few rolling hills which I didn't remember on the way out, but still hung with on the way back.  Before long, we were coming back into the parking lot where the finish line was and I was getting tired.  I knew there wasn't much left and I wouldn't let myself look at my garmin until I crossed the finish line.  I didn't want to get in my own head about a possible PR.

So I actually managed to pick it up a bit and finish STRONG.  I hit the stop on my garmin and took a few steps before I looked down at it: 28:43!  PR by over a minute!  I just felt SO GOOD!!  When the official results were posted, I found that my time was actually 28:40!  I was so excited.  I've been putting a lot more 'oomph' into my training lately and it felt good to go out there and let loose. 

I had to leave right away to get to a baby shower, but I did manage to run into a guy we ran the Iron Turkey 15K with in November.  He was unmistakable with his mullet and barefoot shoes.  He, Amanda and I chatted about pizza and burritos during the last three miles of that race.  Fun to run into him again :)

Now, three days later, I'm still on the high.  And to think, I told my husband a few months ago that I wouldn't run any more 5Ks, cause why pay for a measly 3 miles?  Look how long this recap is!  Almost as long as my first marathon recap

So thanks for making it all the way through this story; I AM SO PROUD of my new PR and can't believe I averaged a 9:15 pace - I never thought I could do a 1/4 mile at that pace, let alone a 5K!!

Finishing Time: 28:40.9
Average Pace: 9:15
Overall: 921/1962
Age Group: 40/131


  1. Congrats lady!! That is so awesome!!!

  2. Congrats on the 5K PR!! That's a great time! Stories like these continue to inspire me and help me realize that with alot of work, one day I could actually get my times out of the 11s and 12s. Someday....

  3. wahoo, congrats!!! that is so awesome! I love the super 5k. I didn't do it this year, but I did it last year and I think it's a great race.

  4. Fun times. Was that baby shower for Kristy???

  5. Rose! I found your blog by accident while searching for running blogs to follow and then realized - hey, I know her! (this is Ty from 501). I figured I better say hi so I don't feel like a weird stalker when I follow your blog. Now I'm combing through your blog list to find others to thanks for that!