Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More not-running :)

I officially got the word last week that I will not be running any more during this pregnancy :(  Not the end of the world and I've been expecting it, so I've been productive in other ways.

I threw an awesome wedding shower for a friend of mine and made lots of goodies:
cucumber appetizers with hummus
deviled eggs - a staple at any of my family's functions
veges and dip in a baguette - totally from pinterest and delicious :)
caprese toothpicks
fruit mini skewers
and of course desserts, my favorite part!  sugar cookies (forgot to take a picture of), choc chip cookies and brownies in heart shapes!
The whole day was a lot of fun and my friend had a great time!

I finished painting the finishing touches in the nursery this weekend, so it's ready for furniture!  And the very next day, my parents suprised us by bringing over our crib!  I hadn't announced our registry to anyone yet, but my mom knew what was up and what a great surprise it was!  Pat and I will put this together soon and then will only have to wait on our dresser to be in stock at IKEA :)  Things are coming along nicely :)

Since I can't run, lift things, walk more than leisurely, or stress my body in any way, any suggestions as to what I can do? 

My house is clean, I made cookies, rice krispie treats and fudge this weekend and the pantry is reorganized.  I have 15 more weeks of 'light-duty' and need something to fill my time... Read any good books lately? 

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  1. Wow! Everything looks great! I could eat anything right about now! Take care of yourself. You'll be back to running before you know it.