Thursday, August 25, 2011

51 Days and the Crim

Wow!  Only 51 days until I run my first marathon.  Holy crap.  At this point, I feel like I can do it and my training has been going really well, so that's good :)

For now, I'm going to take a step back and get excited for the Crim this Saturday.  It's a fun 10 mile race in Flint, MI and I can't wait to run it this year!

Last year I ran the Crim for the first time; it was my first 10 miler ever and the first time I ever really ran hills.  It was an experience to say the least.  I'm excited to meet it again with actual training behind me.  

My entire running group will be there (Running Fit 501) and I'm excited to run such a big race with lots of friends.  Not to mention hit up Birch Run outlet shopping on Friday before the expo :)

Anyone else running the Crim on Saturday?


  1. Best of luck this weekend!!! I am not running it but know several people who are!
    Should have mentioned you in my blog today!!

    Should be great weather for it too :)

    Love Birch Run too!

  2. I've never gotten to do a 10 mile race, but think it is a distance I would love!! good luck

    try to just stay excited and not nervous about marathon #1, you only get 1 first race so enjoy it right?!

  3. Enjoy the Crim, I'll be on the golf course. Show those Bradley hills who the boss is......... HA

  4. You know I'll be there. This is one race I'm unlikely to miss in the future. Great race.