Saturday, August 6, 2011

Ten Miles in new shorts

Just got back from my ten miler with the group and it was awesome!  We ran in a new part of town which was interesting and I got to try out new shorts and new running fuel.  

I stopped by Running Fit yesterday after work to check out some new shorts.  I've found I don't really like 'typical' running shorts as my thighs rub together and they just overall don't fit right.  I love my winter running tights, so I thought if I could find some spandex shorts, I should be good.  

I've been running in C9 spandex shorts from Target and they aren't bad, but they're certainly not good either.  They ride up mid run and the tag has started to rub my lower back raw after the past few long runs.  Not fun.

So after trying on about 10 pairs last night, I found two that I loved and bought one of them.  I decided on the Adidas Supernova Short Tight and I LOVE THEM!!
I think they're mens, but I don't care.  They've got a decent inseam and are longer than most shorts which is exactly what I was looking for.  They stayed put for the entire 10 miles and were very breathable.  I even like the mini zippered pocket on my right hip!
I was nervous about trying them on my 10 miler today, but figured this was a good time to experiment before my first marathon in 70 days :)  It ended up being a great choice!
I also picked up a variety of mid-run fuel to try out over the next 10 weeks.  I've only ever used GU gels before in my first three half marathons and while they work, I figured it was worth it for me to try new things, too.  Honestly, I'm not sure if they actually fuel me or if it's all in my head, which I'm okay with, too!
Today I went with the most fun-sounding option, Jelly Belly's Sport Beans in Cherry.  Yum!  Were they delicious!  I love candy on a normal day, so candy while I run, yes please!  I popped them in around mile 6 at our water station and they hit the spot. 

So, overall great run today.  10 Miles in just over 2 hours with great friends.  I loved it!  Loved the shorts and fun mid-run fuel.  I hope things keep going this smoothly on my route to my first marathon :)


  1. I don't like typical running shorts either. Same issue with the thigh thing. Those shorts look like something I might like. I tried a GU Roctane today along with Sport beans. Must have worked 'cuz I managed 12 miles. Great job on the 10!

  2. I do my tris in spandex all the time, but I've never ran in actual running spandex shorts. I have the same issue sometimes with running shorts, but I like the look of them and get tired of being in spandex all the time :)

  3. 70 days? Holy cow that's going to come fast. Not sure if I'm ready for another one. I like the GU chomps so far. I can't do the gel - yuck. I'd like to try the Clif Rock shots too. I have a pair of spandex shorts but I'm really not comfortable showing off this body quite that much. I do use them when biking though.

  4. I love the Jelly Belly beans. I won a huge pack of Shot Bloks I plan to try out on my 8 miles today.

  5. I never used to think I could wear spandex shorts when I was running, but the annoyance of chub run finally wore me down and now its almost always what I wear. Good choice on the shorts and fuel, great job on your run!

  6. I have almost completely switched over from gels to chomps, bloks, and beans. gels make me want to gag anymore, except the chocolate ones.