Monday, August 15, 2011

Recent Long Run Comparisons

I'm still on a high from Saturday's 14 miler.  Setting a half marathon PR within this training run really got me thinking about my long runs.  I pulled up some of my past runs on my garmin and was excited to see the paces.  Here's my past 4 weeks of Saturday Long Runs, with this past week's on the left and jumping back a week as you go to the right:

Distance14.00 mi 10.07 mi 11.66 mi 8.35 mi
Time02:39:01 02:05:09 02:22:39 01:52:23
Avg Pace11:21 min/mi 12:25 min/mi 12:13 min/mi 13:27 min/mi
Calories1,970 C 1,292 C 1,530 C 1,079 C 

I can't even believe the difference in average pace from the past 3 weeks to this past week's 14 miler.   An entire minute per mile faster!  I can't believe it :)

And 1900 calories burned!  Holy Moly!  What a way to start your day :)

And yes, that 11.66 day should have been my first 12 miler - it's the one day I was not a slave to my garmin and didn't run around the block to finish the mile out.  Oh well, it happens. 


  1. WOW! What an improvement! Great run! And 1900 calories...holy smokes! I hope you fuelled with something yummy post-run :)

  2. whoo hoo, way to go! PS, tagged you for an award on my blog!