Sunday, August 21, 2011

Finally! A 5K PR!

Yes!  I PR'd at the Running the Rails 5K this morning!
After my really crappy 10 miler yesterday, I received a text to do a 5K tomorrow from my friend Rebecca.  I figured what better way to start out my week of vacation, so we met to sign up :)

This race was unlike no other in the fact that I didn't plan for it in advance, didn't look at the route at all, didn't even lay out my clothes the night before.  I figured, let's just go for it and have fun. 

We arrived in plenty of time as it was a small race; there weren't even lines for the portajohns!  About 10 minutes after the start time, we were off uneventfully.  Rebecca and I started off kinda fast, but we kept it going the whole time!!
SplitTimeDistanceAvg PaceBest Pace

I've never run consistent 9s - I consider 10s to be fast for me!

It started sprinkling at the start and ended up raining through the entire race.  Oh well, I figured that no matter what, we'd get our first rain-race PR :)

The first 2.5 miles went fairly uneventfully and then I was kinda dragging the last bit.  This is where racing with a friend really came into play.  Rebecca kept me going and I was ecstatic as we crossed the finish line and saw that I finally beat my old PR from December 2009!  (My 5K PR is from my first 5K - how can that be??!!  I raced in cotton and knew nothing about running!!)

Overall, it was a great race and I'm so glad we did it on a complete whim.  It's an added bonus that I actually like the race shirt and wore it around today!


  1. Congrats on a PR--and on an unplanned race too. That's awesome!

  2. woo hoo, you rock, congrats on the PR!!

  3. Congrats! So many great things going on in your running lately!! =)

  4. Yay!! Unplanned, unintended PRs are the best!! Congrats! That is a pretty sweet shirt :)

  5. i still can't believe we both PR'ed and ran sub 30!?

    only good things to come for this weekend.. =)

  6. That is a cool race shirt! Congrats on the PR! Those always feel so awesome!