Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Electric Bolt 5K Race Report aka the first time I placed in a race!

I decided last Monday that I wanted to do a local 5K to see how the first 9 weeks of running with a class/group had changed my speed.  I have felt great lately, have stuck to my plan, been running 4 times a week, and wanted to push myself.

It wasn't long after that I received an email for an inaugural 5K about 15 mins from my house this past Sunday.  Fate at its best!  So, I registered for it and went about my day.  

At our speedwork session on Tuesday, a couple other ladies were talking about doing the same race, so I knew there would be some familiar faces.  

After Saturday's long run of 12 miles, I ended up being out and about ALL DAY and didn't get home until 9:00pm!  No rest for me at all, but it was nice not to be stressing about the morning race.

I still can't believe how laid-back I was about this race: I didn't rest at all on Saturday, even after my long run, I got up to have just enough time to eat a bowl of (not healthy, but delicious) cereal and got to the race just 25 mins before it started!  This is all so unlike me!  I'm usually nervous and way early. 

Picked up my packet, pinned my number to my shirt, tied my shoes and found a couple other 501ers.  (that's the name of my running group).  There were no timing chips; they'd just take the pull tab numbers from our bibs and keep track of the timing that way.  One of the girls wanted to make sure we started off in the front so no more time was added on.  I stupidly followed.

This was a small race, only about 100 people running, and in no time we were off.  We started on a narrow, one-lane bridge and then ran through the paved portions of a nice park.  There were two loops to complete the 5K.  

After our speedwork on Tuesday, I really felt I could push myself with this race, so that's just what I did!

About a quarter mile into the race, I glanced down at my garmin: 8:07 pace!!  WHAT??!!   I've never run that fast in my life.  It was the adrenaline pumping like crazy.  What was I thinking?  [overview: I typically run ~11min/miles; our fastest speedwork mile on Tuesday was 10:00mins.  8:07 is INSANE for me]

I knew I had to rein it in, but to be honest, I felt really good!  

Mile 1: 9:36  WOW!   Never clocked a mile at that time.  This is either going to be awesome or suck.  

Mile 2: 10:02 Still feeling pretty good.  Planning who I was going to call/text first once I got my PR.  Choosing what I wanted for breakfast to celebrate how awesome I am.

Mile 3: 10:34  Wow, I'm a fat lazy crapface.  What was I thinking starting off with those big dogs?  I'm not a runner like they are.  Wait, what am I doing getting so negative at mile 3 in a 5K?  What the hell am I doing here?  I should have slept in today. 

Overall: 5K, 30:57.36, 9:59/min

Minus my crappy brain talk in mile 3, overall, the whole thing felt great!  I wish I could have kept 10min/miles the whole time, but I do know that's not exactly where I am yet and I'm totally okay with that.  It felt good to push for something though!!

After the race, I had some of the best post-race food ever: cold choc milk, a moist and delicious lemon poppy seed muffin with a popsicle and they had fresh coffee if you're a coffee drinker (which I'm not).  I met up with some of the 501 girls and shortly thereafter the age group awards were posted.  

I've never even looked at the age group awards before, but my 501 friend did, so I went with her.  Turns out she took 1st in our age group with a pace of 7:47 and I took 3rd!  I was so excited!!  I've never placed in anything before!  I never even thought it would be a possibility for me!

Granted, this was a SMALL race, but I'm still totally okay with it!  I picked up my engraved pint glass and headed home.  I was still so proud of myself that I got 3rd place even though it wasn't a PR for me.  It still felt great!!

After a nice, well deserved and over due 3 hour nap, I stayed in my pjs the rest of the day and relaxed with my husband while we caught up on three episodes of The Closer.  It was one of my favorite days of my life!!

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  1. Nice Job Rose. A great feeling placing. I say keep that medal.