Friday, May 28, 2010

Burns Park 5K

This race took place on May 2nd and I planned to run the 10K to keep me from stressing about our wedding that was taking place that coming Saturday. Well, I was exhausted and hadn't really been running much lately, so I only ran the 5K. I think the problem was that I was intimidated from the beginning since the loop was a 5K and the 10K was just running it twice - those always mentally break me down. Also, there weren't many people at all running the 10K - less than 300 it seemed, so I was so nervous about being the last one. This was also a hilly course, but the 5K felt good. After finishing that race in 33:15, I ran back to my car to go home. I was bummed that I hadn't finished the 10K, but a 5K is better than nothing!

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