Monday, May 31, 2010

A fun long weekend

Pat and I don't get much time off together, so when we do, we use every minute! I had a four day weekend and we spent Friday driving all around southeast MI buying various fun things: a new laptop, a bedroom dresser and coffee table from IKEA, a garbage disposal from Home Depot, and even driving downriver to look at patio furniture. We never found any outdoor furniture that we liked, but it was fun to have the whole day to spend doddling around. We had to leave the dresser and coffee table at IKEA since they wouldn't fit in our car and we left the laptop at Best Buy for them to do the startup software. So, after buying all that, we actually came home with one mixing bowl :)

Saturday my parents came over to help install the new garbage disposal and let us use their van to pick up the dresser and table from IKEA, it was perfect! All went well and Katie and Ra'naa came over later for a yummy dinner BBQ. Pat really is the best chef around! And, I got to use all my new serving dishes from Sayulita :)

Sunday, Pat had to work a day shift, so I had the entire day to myself to get things done. I really needed it, since I've been so lazy after getting back from our honeymoon. I hooked up our new wireless printer - so cool! - and completely rearranged the living room furniture - which of course, required a trip to pick up a longer coaxial cable so I could move the TV. Overall, I love the new living room, it seems much bigger and allows a lot more light in the room :) Pat agreed once he got home after 3am.

Monday we headed to the nearby metropark for a picnic. I had packed everything the night before (even freezing half of a laying-down bottle of koolaid!) and was ready to go when Pat got up. We had our picnic lunch, played some catch and then hit the path for 34 minutes of rollerblading! It was so much fun! Pat is a way better skater than I am, but I love doing it, so I'm okay with being behind him all the time. We rollerbladed down the path about 1 1/2 mile when it started to rain. It felt great though, since it was so hot. So we turned back and skated the rest of the way back to our car in a downpour. We were in good spirits though :) Our plan for after rollerblading was to swim, but the rain only got worse, so we came home for a nap :) Fun day indeed!

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