Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Finally, on December 21st, we put our tree up.  This is the latest we've ever waited, but also the first time we've had a family wedding in December :)
I forgot how much I LOVE decorating our tree.  We don't have many ornaments, but they all have meaning.  We LOVE personalized ornaments and as we unpack them, all the fun memories come back.
Our topper is really bizarre.  I grew up with a star as a topper, Pat grew up with an angel and we have a snowman couple :)  Pat may say we shopped too late for our Christmas decorations during our first year and there were no stars left, so this is what we got stuck with, but I definitely don't remember it that way...  I thought we picked this topper for the cute snowman couple (ironic since we lived in Louisiana at the time), sparkly blue (my favorite color) and funky shape.  Every year he mentions buying a new one and I throw a fit that it means too much to me.  Win and win :)
So back to running....  I got in an awesome 7.5 miles Friday morning around DC.  I ran three miles from our row house to the Capitol,
ran around it (almost another mile with funky cross streets) and then three miles down the National Mall, past the Smithsonans - I LOVE this building which is the Smithsonian Institute main building
and around the Washington Monument.
I then turned around to loop the White House by the ellipse and back to our house for a solid 7.5 mile run.  I felt great afterward and was ready to head to the Bridal Luncheon :)

That night, the rehearsal dinner was SO MUCH fun, we stayed out way too late and I woke up with the brown-bottle-flu still wearing this lovely number
I rocked it Friday night, not so much Saturday morning.  I definitely wasn't going to get my miles in and was thankful for my awesome run Friday morning.

Last night was a solid 6.2 miles with the running group and now we're just gearing up for our half-marathon-just-for-fun Christmas Eve morning :)

And I found this fun bracelet as I was unpacking all the Christmas stuff tonight - I'm sure my running friends will LOVE it on Saturday for 13.1 miles :)


  1. A run around DC sounds awesome. That's something I missed out on when I visited there. Love the bracelet. That looks like a giant noise maker :) Awesome!

  2. Great tree! Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed my town, it certainly looks like you did. I never get tired of running around the awesome buildings and monuments.

  3. Not the jingle bells!!!!!!!!!! Nooooooooooooo