Wednesday, May 16, 2012

26.2 Plan and DC

I've been busy this week trying to put together a training plan for marathon #2 in October.  The plan I used for my first full in October was very basic and got the job done.  All I wanted to do was finish upright and not hate running :)  I succeeded and think I should raise the bar for this one!

My friends have some training weeks of 55+ miles on their plan and it kinda freaks me out.  That number is just insane, especially if it isn't on your 20 miler week.

Any suggestions for a good, non-exhausting, 4 day/week marathon training plan?  I should mention that I didn't cross train or strength train for my first full...  probably should do that this time around.

The other craziness in my life is I'm going on our 7th grade class trip to DC this weekend :)  While I've been in charge of many kids for a million things, I've never done an over-nighter.  We leave at the crack of dawn Saturday morning and return late Wednesday night.  It's going to be interesting.

I LOVE DC and have only been there twice my entire life.  So I'm really excited to see everything with all the guided tours :)

BUT, I'm kinda bummed it'll screw up my training.  I've taken this week to take a deep breath, look at the 5 months til the marathon and realize that it will be okay.

Everything will be okay. 

I have my next half on June 3rd and then will commit myself 100% to this marathon training cycle.  My running has been great this year and I'm ready to take it to the next level.

Any ideas about a plan would be helpful and I'll be reading plenty of running books on the 12+ hour bus rides :)


  1. Hal Higdon Novice 2 is pretty low mileage, 4 days/week, includes tempo runs.

  2. I ran a ton from October to Januaray, training for Surf City, like 200 miles a month or close to it, and I had one or two weeks above 55 miles. That's very difficult to reach. I'd stick with something much more manageable. I'd suggest to run at lesat 30 miles a week if possible. I know that's tough with just four days a week but I think that would make a big difference if you wanted to finish faster. I'd also throw in some speedwork for sure, again, if you want a faster time and better performance.

  3. 55+ mile weeks?! I didnt realize you guys were ultra-marathoners.. ;)

    you know how I feel about your groups training plans...

    given your base distance, you could definitely add more 20+ runs into your training schedule. like a lot more. =)

  4. You're big for a 7th grader??????