Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I need a hit!

Tonight's co-ed slow pitch softball game was fun, but I failed at getting on base again :(  We've only played three games so far and I've only been on base twice - both in the second game.

Starting up the season, I was so nervous about striking out or missing the ball at first base and I've been a steel trap on first and haven't even swung and missed!  So that's good, but I barely ever get on base.  I think I'm just used to swinging level from fast pitch for so many years that I'm having a hard time being patient, waiting for my pitch and swinging up. 

Today, I grounded out to the pitcher on my first at bat, then flied out directly to the pitcher's mitt three times in a row!  Can you believe that?

I don't want to be one of those girls that the other team brings their entire outfield in for, just cause I'm a girl.  I'm not dainty and don't want to be an automatic out for my team.  

Ahhh it's just so annoying.  Other than the lack of base running, it's been a really fun season.  I was so nervous about joining the team at the beginning but it really is a lot of fun playing and hanging out with my colleagues.  I highly recommend it to anyone thinking about it.

Any tips for hitting it out of the park in slow pitch??

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  1. Just like you do for your races, you practice! Go to a batting cage and get in your runs........ HA