Friday, June 1, 2012

Yikes! My First Running Injury

It's true... after two and a half years of running I've come across my first injury and it sucks!!  It's my right hip and it hurts.  a lot.  well, more than it should at least.

I've kept it a secret and ignored it since March-ish and hoped it would go away.  During my March and April half marathons, it would kinda hurt/twinge a little in the last three miles or so, but never after the run, so I thought no big deal.

I've cut back my mileage in the month of May and hoped it would go away completely, but I was wrong.  I ran 5.5 not-too-hilly miles last night with the girls and by mile 3 I felt it back in my hip.  I can't explain it too well: right hip soreness, kinda painful in my upper right butt cheek, going around my hip to the front and it feels muscular.

I know, easy to make a diagnosis, right?  The good news is that it feels muscular or tendon-like, not bone pain/fracture style.  But last night after the run and even after stretching it out, it was sore as can be.  It was even painful as I slept, waking me up a few times.  I got up and came downstairs to get an ice pack around 3am and it felt a bit better in the morning.

Today was a bit sore, but not horrible.  Certainly not normal feeling, with a slight limp half of the day.  So I have an appt with a sports massage therapist in the morning and I'll see how I feel after that.  I'm supposed to run the Dexter Ann Arbor Half Marathon on Sunday. 

If it is still sore tomorrow, I may have to have my first DNS :(  This sucks, I want to run this race so badly!!  Send healing, no big deal right hip pain thoughts my way :)


  1. I've had right hip pain since March too! Maybe it's contagious?!? Healing thoughts to you... hope you get to race Sunday :(

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  3. Hope you feel better and get to race! If not, you'll get 'em next time!

  4. what does DNS mean?

    should I diagnose you via my Running Doc's Guide to Healthy Running? It's a great book! =)

    hope it feels better so you can run tomorrow!

  5. Sounds like you need some rolling on a tennis ball or lacrosse ball. Piriformis...........