Sunday, June 10, 2012

Alter G Treadmill Running

So just one week after my hip/butt muscle pull thingy while on a run, I was up and running again on an Alter G Treadmill at PT.  My PT is very confident that I'll heal just fine and soon, too!  I'm happy to report that I haven't had any actual pain since Wednesday and have only been in slight discomfort a bit since then.

Friday morning I rocked out 3 hours at PT!  Heat, stretching, 40 mins of elliptical (BOOOORING!), 20 mins of some leg lift/recumbant bike thing, more stretching, ice and then 30 mins on the Alter G.  It was so cool and so weird at the same time!
Pic borrowed from this informative Website
Imagine getting into a pair of spandex shorts over your own, with an inflatable water ring around your waist.  Then step into a vinyl/nylon enclosure on top of a treadmill and zip said spandex to the enclosure.  That's weird in and of itself but then the machine inflates and it gets even weirder.  Air all over from the bottom of the treadmill up to my butt.

The weird thing is that the shorts pull away from your waist, so it 'pushes'/connects to you around the mid of your butt cheeks.  Weirdest feeling of my life.  So running with only feeling 50 % of your body weight is so COOL and WEIRD!!  It felt great, pain-wise on my body, but was the weirdest feeling ever, like I was drunk!  Clearly, I'm not that great at describing the feeling.

So good news I got running again, but it was so weird.  Hopefully I'll be back to 100% soon.  I LOVE the guys at the Running Institute - they clearly know what they're doing and will stop at nothing to get you back out there.  Just Friday, there were TWO olympic trial contestants and then an old man having trouble keeping his balance - LOVE the variety of people in there.   

So to fill my running-less weekend, I found an awesome cake shop with lots of fun cookie cutters and I went to town this morning with sugar cookies.
For my husband's next poker night and so annoyed I can't rotate the pic properly
I originally purchased these to make for my dad for Father's Day (which I still will), but I made them today to thanks the Buildings & Grounds crew at school for being so awesome all year.  

 And here's a little something for our running group since I finally found number cookie cutters!

Hopefully I'll be out on the actual road in a couple weeks, but until then, I'll be rocking out all weird-like on the Alter G!

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  1. Love the cookies! Yay for running, no matter how weird it feels!