Thursday, May 17, 2012

8 weekday miles!

I just rocked out 8 miles with my running besties tonight and it felt great!  I've NEVER run that much on a weekday before, even in the height of marathon training!

The huge group ran 6 miles and then Amanda and I added on one more 2 mile loop for the even 8 :)  We even had negative splits:

Mile 1  11:03
Mile 2  10:51
Mile 3  11:11
Mile 4  10:49
Mile 5  10:25
Mile 6  10:06
Mile 7    9:57
Mile 8  10:02

I'm heading out of town to chaperone the 7th grade trip to DC this weekend and will miss out on this week's runs, but I'll get back on track when I get back.  I'm not too worried; there's plenty of time before the Grand Rapids full and I'll be walking a million miles each day :)

I'll be running the Dexter Ann Arbor half on June 3rd and then will focus 100% on marathon training.  I ran my first full last October in Detroit and my goal was just to finish.  I did, in 5:28:22, and felt great.  This time around, I want to train harder to break the 5 hour mark.  That's kinda ambitious, but why not??

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. You cn so break the 5 hour mark! Look how far you have come with your half times!! Have fun in DC!

  2. Dangit I should've run with you guys tonight. That's more on track with the pace I wanted today. Also I think you'll beat 5 hrs no problem at your full!

  3. 100% on marathon training.......... LOL, sure you will.

  4. That is awesome! Congrats on a great weekday run and for heading to marathon training full force - you are so going to get sub 5!!

  5. I'm starting full marathon training this week. Your goal to run a sub 5 will be a great inspiration to me since my only goal is to finish. Congrats on the great run. Negative splits are the best!