Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Brand New Car!!

Since I haven't quite figured out how to use my Garmin stuff, the Solstice Run race recap will have to wait.

I am proud to share that we just bought my first brand new car ever!  It is so exciting!  While the actual shopping for the car was not fun at all, when I first saw what was to become my first new car, I knew it.  Like I knew it when we found our first house or my wedding dress.  It was such a great feeling!

I'm the proud owner of a brand new HONDA FIT!!  And I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
Here it is posing by my parents' rose bush.  Anytime anything big happens - graduation, Mother's day get togethers, weddings, birthdays, engagement - we take pictures in front of this rose bush.  This is the first non-human rose bush photo shoot :)
So I wasn't sure if I wanted a larger car or a smaller suv and the FIT made it so I didn't have to decide.  It was perfect!  There's a lot of space in the back seat and the hatchback, but with the middle seats flipped down, there's even more space for things. 
Or you can flip the back seats straight up for more vertical room!  Like, if I wanted to transport a tree, or anything else that's tall :)  It's deceptively huge on the inside.   
The great news just keeps getting better!  While there is so much space in this thing, it still fits in my incredibly small garage.  Our garage just barely fits my husband's impala, but there's even less space for my car as we have a strange set up with a fence in the garage to our dog run.  This way, our boys can let themselves out whenever they need and I wouldn't have it any other way!

 I can empty the groceries with the garage door closed - there wasn't space for that in my old car!
So here we are - an awesomely perfect car with the happiest car owner ever!  Can you tell what my favorite color is??  Hint: check out the car, or my husband's car, or my dress, or the house, or my wedding ring if you zoom in like crazy :)
I love the FIT so much!  It has a lot of space but still drives like a small car.  I can zoom around downtown Ann Arbor and easily parallel park still.  It's actually shorter than my old 2-door civic.  Until Wednesday, I had never seen a FIT before, but now I've been noticing them everywhere!  

It even has made me a better driver!  I go the speed limit - or less- and am much more cautious.  I even got passed on Huron River Drive twice today!  Usually I'm the a-hole passing people!  I hope this sticks with me!!
I've never owned/driven/purchased a new car before, so this is really exciting.  I got mad at my husband for sneezing in the car yesterday.  Today, I vacuumed and wiped down the interior and washed the exterior.  You know, cause cars get so dirty in 3 whole days!  I've never washed a car in my life; I had to purchase a sponge today!!  Maybe I'll wash my car every weekend!  I did this when we bought the house too; I couldn't wait to vacuum every Sunday!  That wore off though, so I doubt this car washing will stick around forever!


  1. Yay for a new car! I love the color! I have had my car for ten years and hoping it holds for another two, then I can get a new, i won't have a daycare bill anymore!

  2. Yeah for pretty, shiny things!!! I love Hondas! And the color blue! Enjoy your new love =)

    Have you named him yet?

  3. Cool! Congrats. I love that new car smell!

  4. Yeah!!! Congrats on the new car. That's so exciting. Love it!

  5. how funny! i had to google it when you texted me but saw one yesterday in AA while I was at Kohls!!

    I'm so excited that you love your new car...makes the whole signing your life away easier or?

  6. Fittingly enough, it's called FIT, haha. Wow, what a nice car. I've never driven a Fit before, but it looks just like a Smart ForFour. It's small enough for narrow roads, but large enough for a small family. I love the color too! I can definitely see why you are in love with this car.

  7. For a hatchback, this car is interestingly spacious and reliable. It has great traction control as well, which is surprising for an average-looking car. Certainly, the Honda Fit has a lot to offer for a car that looks small from the outside.

    Ivo Beutler

  8. One of my friends have a Honda Fit, and it really is a great car for vacations. That horizontal flip really gives a lot of room for the ice chests and other stuff that really consumes space. Though it’s not the most gorgeous-looking ride, the utility and functions really make up for it.

    Enoch Ross