Saturday, June 18, 2011

Running with a Group

I've had two group runs this week with my new running class through the local running store and they've been great!  I hesitate to say 'fun' cause they were hard workouts, but I enjoyed them.

Tuesday night was our first meeting of the Spring class.  We had over 30 people easily and did a tempo/hill/step/fartlet workout.  It was crazy but fun.  I like it since I would never do it on my own. But, with 30+ other people around you, it's hard to stop.  It was a really tough workout, but a great time.  

From the running store to our loop location and back to my car was 5 miles!  That's long for me, kinda.  I'm realizing that taking the month of May off wasn't the best idea I've ever had, but I needed it for my mental health.  I was a little burnt out, just a little, after my April half and decided May would be laid-back and just run when I wanted to.  

Surprgisingly, with two 4-day vacations in there and a busy time at work, and loving to sleep in all the time, I didn't et out there much.  I'm not going to beat myself up over it, but definitely learn from it.

This morning was our first group long run.  There were people doing 10, 6, & 4 miles today, all on the same out and back course.  I opted for the 6 mile run and made my first friend of the class: Elizabeth.  It was fun chatting with her in the first mile, but then I sent her off as she's faster than me and I knew I was going out too fast.  

When I hit the water station at mile 2, I felt 80% depleted physically and about 99% mentally.  So I took this as an opportunity to turn back and run the 4 mile loop.  While I wasn't feeling too bad about it, I ended up finishing the 4 mile strong and thought I should've stayed for the 6, but oh well, it's over now.

Next week I have 4 on the schedule for my long run, so I'll just switch it with this week and do 6.  I'm still slugglish from the New Orleans weekend (does this ever happen to anyone else?  I've been back for 6 days and still feel like crap!) and working on building up my fitness again.

I'm afraid to over-do it just to keep up with the class and injure myself.  I know there's a slower group somewhere behind me, so I should just buck up and get in the right group to start off with.  

My typical pace is somewhere around 10:30min/mile.  Tuesday I ran the first mile with the group around 9:30.  I knew it was too fast for me and that I'd peter out, but I didn't know the route and thought I'd get lost.  Rookie move.  Now I show up on time and get a copy of the map!!

Either way, I'm excited for what this class has to offer me.  I run on Tues, Thurs, Sat and Sun.  Tues/Sat with the group, Thurs with a local running buddy (hopefully we can continue this trend) and then Sunday on my own.  I think I'm spoiled with this routine :)

Hope everyone's running is going great!  If you have any advice or words of wisdom for a first-time marathoner, please share!!

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  1. I think that is fantastic that you're running with a group! You will definitely see the results of your hard work. Keep up the good work.