Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Chocolate Explosion and Hill Work

I have this week off and it's been fun!  Since my husband works nights and we rarely get to see each other, it's been a blast just hanging out all day.   Today we walked to the library, checked out some great books since I'm already bored and came home for lunch.  The deal was if I made us lunch, he'd make us dessert.

Now, we don't typically have dessert with lunch, it was just a fun and hot day after our sweaty walk to the library.  I made us some pretty delicious sandwiches - my husband's favorite thing in the world - and he headed to the kitchen for our surprise dessert.

I took a phone call in the other room and came back to this:
There was chocolate EVERYWHERE!  Don't let the smile on his face fool you, he was freaking out that a) the dogs would start licking it up and get sick and we've already had a really bad experience with that which resulted in recarpeting the entire house and b) the chocolate would stain his favorite shorts forever!!

He was yelling for me to get a towel to clean it up, while I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!  I wouldn't let him move until I got the camera - it was hilarious!!
By the time we got the kitchen cleaned up, my chocolate milk (not shake) was delicious :)  Oh well, he tried!!

Tonight was my first hill workout with the running group and boy, was it tough!  Tough in a good way, but we were all completely soaked in sweat when we returned back to the store.  I met a couple more runners today, so it's definitely getting more friendly.  

We did an out to a hill and back.  More experienced runners did the hill loop a few times, but just there, up, down, and back was 5.69 miles (thank you garmin!).  It was longer than my longest run this session, but it felt great and makes me feel a lot more prepared for my 10K this Saturday.

I think I'm going to love this group more than I thought!  

Tomorrow we're heading out to my Aunt and Uncle's boat all day to relax on the water!  I can't wait!!

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  1. What race are you doing? I'll be at the Solstice 10 mile in Northville.