Monday, April 4, 2011

8 Miles and Double Session

This weekend I had one of my most favorite runs ever! I'm not sure if it was running in my old neighborhood, the great weather or the fact that I really wanted to get out there that made it so awesome, but I'm still thinking about it.

I went to my parent's this weekend for a dinner/dance for the 140th anniversary of our grade school.  I know that sounds weird, but it's a small private school that my sisters and I attended K-8 and my mom attended K-12 (the HS burned down by the time we were there).   It's a small town where everyone knows everyone and it was so fun to see everyone and catch up Saturday night.  Of course, I have no pics, cause I suck at taking pictures,  but I promise I'm going to buy a new point-and-shoot soon and be much better. 

Anyway, after spending the evening with my parents, old classmates, previous teachers, old coaches and friend's parents, I was exhausted when I collapsed in my old room at my parent's house just before 1am.  And as usual when I stay there, I was up at the crack of dawn - 720am - and wide awake.  

I decided not to waste the day away and got right into my running clothes.  Now, I had just found the PERFECT tanks and capris at TJ Maxx the day before, so I was super excited to try them out.  I mapped out a run online to be sure to fit in my scheduled 8 miles and hit the road.  Well, not before letting mom know what I was up to first, since that's what you do when you're at home - revert to the old ways :)  I snuck out quietly without even waking my dad!

Those were the BEST 8 miles I've ever ran!  Perhaps it was the awesome route I had planned - past many old friend's houses and around the high school - it was just great.  The weather was around 35 degrees and felt perfect.  I felt like I was floating on air the entire time and just didn't want the run to end.  I could have been excited since the whole path had sidewalks and was clear of much traffic.  Or just to try out my new clothes - which I love by the way.  

No matter what the reason, I loved those 8 miles and felt great afterward.  I felt like I still had easily at least 3 more miles in me when I got home, but figured I better stick to the training plan and not over do it.

So now I'm wondering if it was just the old, familiar location that made me love the run so much and if I should go visit my parents every weekend for my long run.  (No, I'm not going to actually do that mom, if you are reading this).  

Fast forward to today - I got home too late last night from my parent's (after church and a bday celebration for mom mom at my sister's house - again with no pics) to do anything that I had planned, including my P90X workout.  Now, I didn't want to let you all down, so I did a double session today  to make up for it :)

I got out of work much earlier than normal and was able to spend some time with my husband before he went to work - party bonus!  When I sent him off, I went downstairs for yesterday's workout, Chest & Back & Ab Ripper X.  They went well - I never sweat during 58 min Chest & Back and then soak the mat in the 16 min Ab routine - who knows.  

Then I hit the grocery store, made some dinner, read some blogs and went back down for Plyometrics - today's scheduled workout.  This one is my favorite, which is why I was so excited to do it and didn't mind much about the double session.  Which got me thinking - I haven't done double sessions since 9th grade basketball practice before school started!  WOW is that a blast from the past.  Don't worry, I didn't last long in bball in HS, I switched over to tennis for the rest of the time.

So now it is 11pm and I feel great!  I can't wait for tomorrow's workout - 5 miles and then Shoulders & Arms.  I hope you are all having a super awesome beginning to your week and thanks for being so supportive!


  1. Nice. Doubles are really hard for me. I did one yesterday and it just feels like it takes a week to get rested up afterwards. Great job!

  2. Training for triathlon I have to fit in some doubles or I just can't get all my workouts in. It's hard to schedule them and not be dead the next day. Great job on your doubles and your great run!!