Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cross Train/Recovery Run/Tempo Day

It was beautiful in the Detroit area today!!  I had 3 recovery miles on the schedule today as well as my 5, 6 & 10 year old nieces and nephew still with me.  With the combination of sunny skies, kids and the need to be active outside, we headed to their house to pick up their bikes.

While their parents were at church, we headed to their house, grabbed their bikes and rode over to my parent's house.  While they only live less than a half mile away, I completely underestimated how difficult it would be to run beside the bike riders.  This is the beginning of my tempo workout :)

I sprinted down the street after them and then stopped to catch my breath at the corner - thank goodness there were a lot of cars coming, so we had time to take a break.  Before long, they took off again and I was again sprinting next to the 5 year old.  She's great at riding the bike, just not at slowing, stopping or dismounting it.  Hmmm... interesting trip indeed.  She'd ride, ride, ride then jump off when the other two were stopped at the corner.  Not gracefully, not always on grass, just completely jump ship.  But her legs were too short to clear the bike, so it was one big tumble, bike and all.  She's tough though, and never even cried :)

Luckily, we found a better-fitting bike for her in my parent's basement, as well as an my sister's old bike for me to ride.  Realizing what a pain in the butt it is to stop, wait for everyone, get off the bike, look both ways twice and then walk across the street at every street corner, we opted for the around the block ride a million times - great cross training for me.  What made it fun is that they could all take turns being the 'leader'.  Ha!  I love kids :)

After my mom fed us all lunch - the kids' favorite - shells-n-cheese and hot dogs - we rode up to the high school to play on the track.  One mile with 7 streets to cross took us almost 20 minutes.  Oh vey!  But once we were there, we had so much fun.  Riding bikes around the track, running, jogging, rolling around in the grass, hanging from the goal posts, playing Simon Says - it was great.  We had mini-relay races here and there for some more tempo runs for me. 

Mom and Dad met us up there with new sunglasses for the kids and we got to run/walk/ride some laps together.  It was a lot of fun!  After riding back to my parent's house and then back to the kid's house, we ended the super fun weekend with their favorite aunt with a trip to the best hometown ice cream place in the world - Miller Bros.  Even though I haven't lived in my home town in 10+ years, they still know my favorite flavors as I walk in the door.

Overall, we were outside riding/walking/jogging/sprinting/playing from 11am until 6pm - a GREAT day indeed.  I got home, took my boys for a walk and it wasn't until after the walk that I realized I never put any sunscreen on and have a sunburned face and forearms!  Oh well, I won't forget from now on :)

I hope this weather stays for good!  Just three more weeks until my next Half Marathon in Mt. Clemens!

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  1. glad you enjoyed the great weather all day, sorry about the sunburn though!