Saturday, April 9, 2011

Crazy Busy Week and Ten Amazing Miles

This has been my busiest week ever at work.  It's Spring Break in most of Michigan and I offer full-day child care at our school all week.  While it's my most fun week at work, it's incredibly exhausting.  From ice skating and Extreme Bounce field trips to gym games and relay races, I was tuckered out each and every night. 

On top of it all, I'm such a fabulous Aunt that I offered to take my sister's kids from Thursday through Sunday, so they even got to come to my school with me.  They're 10, 6 & 5 and absolutely exhausting entertaining!  

So, with everything going on, I barely had time for my workouts, let alone keeping up with everyone's blogs.  After dinner tonight, I let them choose a movie so I have a few moments to catch up on things.

I was able to get in all of my P90X workouts this week, although I only made it 30 mins through the Yoga DVD.  I hope I can increase my time with this one each week until I can get through the entire 90mins. 

I had to skip one running day - a 4 miler on Thursday.  However, I kept up with everything else and had the BEST 10 miler this afternoon.  I typically run my long runs on Sat morning, but had to wait until the afternoon once my husband got up (he works nights).  I fed everyone lunch and headed out the door.  The only other 10 miler I ran was at the nearby metropark on a paved trail, so I was worried about this one around the neighborhood.

I had a great route planned out, mostly on dirt roads outside of the city and they went FABULOUSLY!  I NEVER doubted myself the entire time.  Typically on my long runs greater than 8 miles, I doubt myself and give myself 'outs' to turn home early.  Even though I've never cut the runs short, the thought usually crosses my mind.  This time, I didn't really think about the run at all until mile 9 went by and then the thought was, "Wow!  It's almost over!"  I got in just under 2 hours and never felt better!

Perhaps I just needed some "me time" after a veryintensivechildrenconstantlyinmyface week.  And it felt glorious!  I'm so glad my husband was up to it (he's not really a kid-person) and that the run went so well.

It's supposed to be 70+ tomorrow and I can't wait to go to the park!  We might even hit the paths at the metropark, although I'm not sure how far the 5 & 6 year old will go.  We will see in the morning!


  1. Great job on the 10 miles!

    I am a newer reader, I found your blog through Jeff (Detroit Runner) I figured I should make sure to stop staulking, and actually say hi! :)