Friday, April 1, 2011

I need to get this off my chest...

I'm doing P90X. There. I've said it. I'm embarrassed to admit how long we've owned these dvds, but I'm doing it. 90 days straight. I played around with it when we first got it and like all of the routines, I was just too lazy to keep it up.

As of this past Sunday, I'm in 100%. I have an abbreviated training plan for my next half marathon on April 30th and I'm sticking with that and the 6 day a week P90X plan.

This is what this week looked like:

5.99 miles at the gym
Chest & Back
Ab Ripper X

Plyometrics - my favorite one!

Shoulders & Arms
Ab Ripper X

Yoga X - my least favorite

3.5 miles at the gym
Legs & Back
Ab Ripper X

Kempo - my other favorite

Tomorrow I'll take a P90X rest day (instead of the X Stretch) and run my long run of 8 miles this week. Anyone else do the whole P90X routine? I really like all of them, except Yoga X. I've never done yoga in my life and I'm not very flexible. Which I'm sure means I need it and I'll keep at it, but it bores me to death.

I've been too embarrassed to tell anyone I'm doing P90X in fear of their reaction, or they'll think I'm too fat to even start it, or they'll wonder why there's no results, or I'll fall off the band wagon and gain weight. I don't know - just putting this down in writing makes all my reasons to keep it a secret sound absolutely ridiculous, but I was so scared to tell anyone.

It finally came down to the point that I have no reason not to do it.

I have the time - most people don't. My husband works nights. I have almost every evening to myself and weekend mornings. We don't have kids. Our families don't live that close; we have no distractions.

I gave up TV for lent. That took out 3 hours of wasted time a night. Ok, maybe not that much time, but it was definitely wasted time no matter how long. I realized that when the only show I'd miss was Teen Mom 2 that I HAD to give it up. I still catch that show at the gym every once and a while and it really makes my day :)

I gave up fast food for all of 2010. As much as I may LOVE McD's double-cheeseburger-with-ketchup-only and fries, I know it's not a good choice and never makes me feel good afterward. I've found myself craving it less and less. It got to the point that I was just eating it cause I was lazy and didn't want to come up with anything to eat at home.

I want to be a runner and I want to be fit. I'm okay with how my body looks, but I'd be okay with dropping some weight and toning up. I'd really like to run the Detroit Marathon this fall and I still can't find a reason not to.

So that's why I'm going to keep doing what I'm doing. This week felt great and I have even found myself making better choices food-wise. Not perfect choices (pizza and chocolate cookies for lunch), but I didn't even want to eat yellow cake batter this week and that's HUGE for me.

Now that it's out in the open, I feel so much better already. Thanks for 'listening' and for all of your encouragement!!


  1. Let me just say that you are awesome! I can't even begin to comprehend that much exercise in one week! Keep up the good work!

  2. I think that's awesome! I did P90X for about 60 days and then I injured my foot and had to be in a boot for 6 weeks. I never picked it back up again - although I do some of the DVDs from time to time. It's tough and I absolutely hated the Yoga X DVD too. Although the Yoga is so good for you it's hard to get motivated to do it. Great job - keep it up!

  3. I have not done P90X but my brother has it and does not use it and have been thinking about trying it(after my marathon) It looks really tough - good for you!

  4. I'm on my 4th week of P90X Lean!

    I didnt think I'd love it because Tony is so damn annoying but I LOVE IT!!!

    I hear a lot of runners complain about yoga (me too!) but I'm really beginning to notice the difference when doing it. Keep at it, even if you arent doing the whole 90 mins!

    I was looking for your email so that we could plan a run sometime soon...Email me so we can meet up

  5. I keep saying I'm going to start that, but I keep procrastinating! I need to follow your lead and just do it!

  6. I use my P90X DVD's once in a while on my strength training days. I have yet to use it as its intended to be used. Maybe this coming winter I will try doing the work out as it should be done.
    I like the DVD's though. They are great for when I do not make it to the gym to lift but need to get in a ST work out!

  7. Hi there- I just stumbled upon your blog and think it's great! I'm looking forward to reading it.

    Good luck with P90X- that's some hard stuff!!