Sunday, April 17, 2011

Awesome Sunday with 2 Goals Met!

This was a great day!  Even though plans were flip-flopped from what I had in mind, everything was fit in and worked out really well.  

My day began around 8am as I'm just getting up and my husband is just getting home from work/poker night with the guys.  The good news is that he hit it big and wanted to take me out to breakfast!  I couldn't think of a better way to begin the day, especially since my husband hates breakfast, so anytime he wants to go, I'm in.  We got back too late for me to get my planned run in before church, so I changed plans.

Put the husband to bed, selected and ordered printed pics from our wedding for our parents and aunts/uncles.  Yes, in three weeks we will have been married an entire year and I haven't done this yet, but whatever.  I then got to baking before church.  I was already showered and dressed, so I covered up my church clothes with my new apron and made some of the most delicious snicker/sugar cookies ever - so great, they deserve their own post soon - with pics!!

Church took longer than usual since it's Palm Sunday and when we got out, I finally made the tough decision to go ahead and do the run outside.  See, we've been under a wind advisory all day with winds up to 45mph in our area.  Even this morning at breakfast I was blown away in the parking lot.  I thought I would just go to the gym to get in my scheduled 12 miles.  

The thought of driving 20 mins to go the gym (that I don't really like anyway) and run 12 miles - almost 2.5 hours for me - was unthinkable.  There's no way I could do it inside - I'd be bored out of my mind and quit by mile 4.  So, walking out of church I decided to just tough it out and get out there.  What if my next race was on a really windy day, what would I do, stay home?  No way - so I better get out there and get used to it.  

I had two 6 mile loops in mind and got out the door.  My winter hat really helped the wind not destroy my head/hair/mental state and got me through the first tough mile. The wind was right in my face, on the side of a busy road, but I was so positive about it and was excited to power through it.  I've never been so determined/positive in my life!

Miles 2-6 were fabulous!  The wind was at my back, the few cars on the dirt roads moved over for me and waved and the sun was out.  I even took off one layer - it couldn't have been better.  I was so proud of myself and truly considered myself a runner during those miles.

And then I turned back into the wind at mile marker 7 and all hell broke loose.  The positive attitude was nowhere to be found and I was pooped!  I didn't bring any GU or water (dumb move) and was fading fast.  Turn one more corner and I see a couple out walking - they were really nice and congratulated me for getting out on such a windy day.  That made me so happy and I floated through (more like pushed through the wind) a little bit easier the next mile. 

Since I had altered my course from the original 6 mile loop to stay out of the wind, I was now at mile 8 and almost home.  The wind was in my face, I was thirsty and I was sweating salt all over my face (again).  I really should address that issue. 

So, with my head held high, I powered through the last mile with the wind coming off the lake and made it home for a solid 9 miler.  Yes, it's not the 12 I had planned, but I'm still proud of it anyway.

One great ice bath followed, including a delicious orange creamsicle recovery smoothie and a new edition of Runner's World.  
 Even this huge mess I made all by myself couldn't get me down!  Who cares that it's an orange smoothie all over a white bathroom?!
After the hubby went to work, I rocked out ALL 90 MINUTES of YOGA X!  Woohoo!  I'm on fire today - I haven't done the dvd all the way through in a while, so I was really proud of myself.

Finishing up one more batch of yummy cookies and heading to bed.  Good luck to the amazing athletes who are running Boston tomorrow!! 


  1. Calling it a run after nine miles was smart, especially given the lack of water/GU. You might have done some damage had you tried to push through just to get to 12. I'm impressed that you even made it out there at all - I can pretty much guarantee that I would have just skipped it. Well done, runner!

  2. Nice job. The wind was really rough yesterday!

  3. Great job! Nine miles is nothing to joke about!

    "Turn one more corner and I see a couple out walking - they were really nice and congratulated me for getting out on such a windy day. "

    Its funny how little things like this can make it that much easier!

  4. Great job on a good run! I think sometimes it's harder for me to get dressed than actually get out the door:) Have you tried salt capsules?