Sunday, July 31, 2011

Crazy Week Catch Up

It's been a very busy week!  I've had no time whatsoever to breathe let alone blog.  Here's a break down of the craziness that is my life:
My niece came to stay with us for the week and came to camp with me each day.  It was a lot of fun, but I don't know how all you parents do it!  My sister came to hang out with her one night so I could go to my speed workout with my running group and my husband took her out one night so I could go out with some girlfriends, so it was nice :)  She chose 'Run for Fun' and 'Weight Training' camps this week because she wants to join cross country when she begins middle school in the fall and "run like Aunt Rosie".  LOVE IT!!

Tuesday night's speed work was a lot of fun!  What?  Speedwork AND Fun?  Probably just because it's my first actual speed workout.  We did a mile out and back, flat and shaded.  Run the mile 'fast' for you, rest 4-5 mins and run it fast again.  Repeat for 4 full miles.  My running group partner Patti and I stuck together and were aiming for 10:30-11:00min miles and found ourselves a lot faster than we thought.  It's a lot harder than I thought it would be to rein it in.  Not what I had expected.   Mile 1 10:14, Mile 2 10:00, Mile 3 10:21, Mile 4 10:16 again.  We added in a 5th mile for a total of 52:05.  Great workout!  Felt awesome. 
Wednesday was a first meeting of our new book club with my running friend Rebecca.  She and her friends have put together a group and we met to discuss The Help.  Overall, I liked the book, but I can see both sides of the arguments that surround it.  I'm looking forward to getting to know these ladies more and reading some great books.  I'm hosting in August, so I can't wait!  We're reading Room, which I loved!!

We've had some major storms this week.  With intense heat of last week, the crazy storms weren't all that surprising.  Wednesday night after I got to bed much later than I had anticipated, I was awoken by a call from our Building & Grounds guy at work.  (Of course, on my sleep-in day when my assistant opens up)  He let me know the power was out at school.  No biggie I figured, we can run summer camp without power; we can get creative!  Then he let me know there's no functional plumbing.  That changes everything!  So for the first time in our school's history, we had to cancel summer camp.  And by 'we' I mean 'I'.  Sitting in my pjs on my couch at 730am, I emailed all the parents to let them know camp was canceled for the day.  My niece and I quickly threw clothes on and headed to school to let anyone that showed up know.  Overall, out of ~100 families, only 2 were mad and that's not bad at all to me :)  Once parents realized their kid couldn't go to the bathroom all day, they were typically okay with it.  
I did manage to squeeze in a pedicure on our bizarre 'day off'.  I typically go with a red polish that goes with everything all summer as if I'm not in running shoes, I'm in flip flops, but I opted for blue this time.  I figured with Friday being 'favorite color day' at work, it would be perfect.  The guy that did my pedicure was great about trimming off my running blister/calluses so carefully :)

Thursday night I got in 4 miles with my running partner while my niece rollerbladed behind us - talk about multi tasking!  It was nice to get in all my workouts even with my niece all week!
Friday my sister came to pick up my niece and she stayed for an hour or so to chat about her upcoming wedding!  Well, she just got engaged last Saturday, so the wedding isn't that soon, but it's still fun to talk all things wedding!  Here's our possible bridesmaid dress, it would be in Hunter or Kelly Green.  As soon as they left, I went straight to bed to rest up for Saturday's 12 miler.  
Saturday morning, 6:30am, 12 miles, 2:22:39, Awesome!  First 8 miles with a great group of 6 ladies - 3 of whom I just met that day so that was fun!  Then I met a new person who also had 12 on her schedule, so we ran 4 more together after the first ladies finished their 8 miles.  While it was hot out, it was nice to have a running partner the whole time!  My new friend Amanda is also training for the Detroit Full and was so much fun to get to know :)  We talked about husbands, our weddings, running, our nieces/nephews, our hair, you know all the fun stuff!  It really helped to make the time fly by!  This long run matched the longest training run I did solo for my March half and I can't wait to keep it going!!

Yes, I ran an awesome 5K this morning and while it wasn't a PR for me, I placed 3rd in my age group.  But, this post is already too long and I'm so excited for that, it gets its own post soon.  Stay tuned!


  1. i totally feel the same way... there is just so much to do and not enough time.

    oh my word... i can't wait to hear about your 5k!

  2. Wow... I feel tired just reading about your week!

    I teach kids private music lessons, and I'm always amazed at how some parents can be mad about cancelled classes ("I don't care if the entire city is shut down from a blizzard and none of the roads are plowed, my child NEEDS their music lesson!")

  3. whew, you were busy! I can't wait to see the Help either, I enjoyed the book. Awesome speedwork!! And by the way, my dress was from target, they had several colors.

  4. Busy Busy Busy..

    It's crazy huh!! Cute toes... and LOVE the sox!

    Awesome blog!